2010.06.07 Shindong & Park Gyuri Shimshimtapa Radio

YongHwa didn’t participate in this radio show. Only 3 dongsaengs were there. JongHyun sang a bit of Lucky (Jason Mraz).

Download: Lucky JongHyun

JongHyun cut is the only available VOD. The rest is in audio only.

Download full audio: SSTP CNBLUE

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credit: imbc

Transcript translated by saturn.@soompi

Kyuri: It’s your first show without Yonghwa. Did he give you any advice?
Minhyuk: I was so nervous, he tried to relax me.
Shindong: Did he mention anything you should not do?
Jonghyun: Yes, to Jungshin not to make word mistake.
Jungshin: Because I can’t pick the right word.

Kyuri: Please introduce yourself saying your one strong point and one weak point. Outlook, music, personality etc.
Jonghyun: All of us like music but I am sure I love music than any other people. Weak point is because I’m from Pusan, I speak dialect.
Shindong: That’s not a weak point.
Minhyuk: My strong point is smiling face. Weak point is that I have no other attraction beside smiling face.
Shindong: Then you can’t act of getting angry?
Minhyuk: I can act. But I can’t get angry in real life.
Jonghyun: If Minhyuk gets angry, he looks awkward. He doesn’t look angry at all.
Jungshin: My strong point is that I’m tall. I have many weak points, one of them is my pronounciation is not clear due to the brace.
Kyuri: How tall are you?
Jungshin: 186cm
Shindong: 186? Wow is there a person of that height? Let’s talk about your new album. I heard members participated in album more.
Jungshin: We wanted to show we are growing. So our own songs are included more. We’ve performed musical instruments ourselves from the first, but this time we practiced more for perfect performance. Our mental attitude was different.
Kyuri: I read it at newspaper, you were isolated from the world while you’re preparing the album. How many hours do you practice per day?
Jonghyun: To tell the truth, we practiced all the time except sleeping time.
Shindong: Wow then you didn’t meet friends?
All: Not at all
Shindong: You didn’t date?
All: Not at all
Jungshin: We don’t have cell phones.
Kyuri: Were they confiscated?
Minhyuk: When we went Japan, we canceled it because roaming service costs so much.
Jonghyun: And after we came back, we are not making it again.
Shindong: Do you have a goal? So if you guys reach the goal, you use cell phone again?
Jonghyun: We promised after hard work of one year, then make it again.
Shindong: How long have you been since you made debut?
Jungshin: We did showcase on Jan.14. 5 months.
Shindong: 7 months left. Dear women celebrities, you can contact CNBLUE in 7 months.

Shindong: Next question, in what do you feel satisfied and sorry about 2nd album compared to 1st album?
Minhyuk: What I feel satisfied is, I could involve in lyric. Sweet Holiday. I felt good I could express what I want to say through music.
Shindong: What’s the content?
Minhyuk: Flutter of first love, Difference of emotion between when I didn’t know love and after I feel love. A freshness.
Shindong: Lyric is what comes from your experience. You must remind your own first love a lot while writing it.
Minhyuk: In any way, yes.
Shindong: Then are you going to meet her again in 7 monthes? (laugh) Jonghyun, please tell me what you felt sorry.
Jonghyun: My goal is a performance that I myself can be satisfied. After concert or recording, I feel sorry every time.
Kyuri: It’s less than half year since you made debut. But your popularity is so big. How do you feel about it?
Jonghyun: Frankly speaking, I don’t know we are that popular.
Shindong: Popular. Jung Yong Hwa is really popular. Kidding.
Kyuri: Yes, Siwon of Super Junior is really popular.
Shindong: I felt your popularity again today. Your fans sent us snack. Thank you.

Kyuri: Jonghyun, please sing your song without music. Jungshin, please explain about the song.
Shindong: You can do a hidden track not the title song. Start!
(Jonghyun sings Black flower)
Jungshin: This is Black flower. It has shuffle rhythm. It’s a kind of dark love song. The lyric is great.
Jonghyun: The lyric is radical. ‘You said you love me crazily then now you say you hate me crazily’
Jungshin: If you listen to the song, the points are emphasized well.

Kyuri: Today we have handsome guitarist Lee JongHyun, cute drummer Kang MinHyuk and long body Lee JungShin.
Shindong: Why doesn’t JungShin have modifier? Do you have any nickname?
Jonghyun: Jungshin’s new nickname is Goddess, same as you Kyuri.
Kyuri: Goddess?
Minhyuk: He is being called as goddess after he changed his hair style.
Shindong: Let me introduce you again. Handsome guitarist Lee JongHyun, cute drummer Kang MinHyuk and Goddess Lee JungShin! Have you ever thought that your good look shades your musical ability? Have you ever felt victimized?
Jonghyun: If we work harder, we can remove those prejudice.
Minhyuk: At music shows, we can’t play instruments lively. Many people don’t know it. I feel sorry about it.
Shindong: CNBLUE performed full band live at Dream Concert.

Kyuri: What are you in charge of within your team?
Jungshin: I’m the youngest, so I try to make the mood brighter when practice is hard.
Jonghyun: Jungshin is a charming actor.
Jungshin: I’m not a charming actor. I’m just an ordinary person. But other guys are so dry, so I have to act charming.
Shindong: Show me your charms.
Minhyuk: His charms are allowed within team only.
Jungshin: If it’s broadcasted, it causes the Great Depression.
Shindong: I will see it first while next song is played, then I will judge whether it’s suit for broadcasting or not.
Jonghyun: Min Hyuk is in charge of mother.
Jungshin: He is neat. He cleans the house always. He is even good at cooking.
Shindong: That’s so unexpected. You look like a mischivous son. You are homely.
Minhyuk: Jong Hyun is next door brother.
Shindong: What is next door brother?
Minhyuk: He is attentive and friendly. He is doing his role of bridge well between the eldest and younger brothers.
Kyuri: Judging by your look, you seem to hear much that you are arrogant, just like me.
Jonghyun: I’ve heard a lot that I look arrogant but empty brain.
Shindong: If you have blank face, you look like I can’t speak to.
Jungshin: He counsels me well about my worries. When we’re in Japan, we’ve sit on the aircon fan in balcony and listened to all my worries till dawn, he couldn’t sleep because of me.
Kyuri: Wow you are a warm hearted man.

Shindong: Minhyuk, you are a drummer but I heard you are good at flute as well.
Minhyuk: Since I was young, my mother gave me various musical educations. I learned piano and flute.
Shindong: Wow that means you are a son of rich family?
Minhyuk: No.
Shindong: Does your mother have music related job?
Minhyuk: No. But both my mother and father love music a lot.
Shindong: Then your parents are letting their dream to you?
Minhyuk: Could be.
Jungshin: I’ve been to Min Hyuk’s home. There was a big bookcase full of LPs, his father had collected them.
Jonghyun: Min Hyuk’s house is so neat and clean. Arranged perfectly, no dust at all, vacant.
Shindong: Can others play other instruments?
Jonghyun: I play the piano a little. I’m not good, just as well as I can play while singing. And I play bass a little. And I want to learn drum.
Jungshin: I’ve learned drum before, but I forgot now. I had many friends who were doing band, so I had many chances to play various instruments. But bass was most attractive.
Shindong: Do you think ‘Franckly speaking, my instrument is most difficult.’?
Jungshin: Frankly speaking, bass is most difficult.
Jonghyun: Same as I. Guitar is most difficult.
Minhyuk: To play drum, you must move your two feet and two hands separately. So drum is most difficult.
Jonghyun: It was kidding. Guitar is difficult to start, you must manage six strings.
But bass is what gets more and more difficult, because the feeling is important.

Shindong: As far as I know, bass is most difficult because you must listen to all other instruments.
Jonghyun: Experts say the completion of music is the bass.
Shindong: So your conclusion is guitar is the easiest?
Jonghyun: Haha guitar is the flower of band.

Shindong: Please show your talent which can attract fans in one minute. Jungshin, show your charms.
Jonghyun: Jungshin has funnier thing than charms.
Jungshin: Let me try Pusan dialect I learned from Pusan brothers. Pusan dialect spoken by Ilsan person!
(Jungshin’s Pusan dialect was so funny, made me roll over the floor)
Shindong: Wow you are skilled. Then Minhyuk must be tense.
Minhyuk: I’ve thought it from waiting room, but I have no talent. I am good at nothing.
Shindong: Please prepare one while listening to Jong Hyun’s song.
(Jonghyun sang Lucky of Jason Mraz for 40 seconds)
Jonghyun: Not long ago, I sang it as a wedding song.
Shindong: Wedding song? Then you sang it for me. I’ll see you at my wedding. Minhyuk, are you ready?
Minhyuk: I’ll sing a little bit of Sweet Holiday which I wrote the lyric.
Jonghyun: You promote your song this way…
(Minhyuk sang it for 10 seconds but he made mistake at lyric)
Minhyuk: I’m sorry. I wrote the lyric then I’m confused at the lyric.
Shindong: Wow! May I expect your solo singing in next album?
Let’s listen to another CNBLUE’s song. Which song do you want me to play?
Minhyuk: Sweet Holiday!

Kyuri: Listen to the question then choose who suits for this question most. Question 1: Who has most perfect look?
Minhyuk, Jungshin: Jong Hyun!
Minhyuk: As you see, he looks like a statue, has well-formed features.
Jungshin: He has very white skin.
Kyuri: Thank you.
Shindong: What do you thank for?
Kyuri: I just thank all good looking guys.

Shindong: Question2 Who cares most about people’s comment that he is pretty or good looking?
Jonghyun: Minhyuk. He is so timid. He really cares fans’ pictures and comments at fan bbs. He is very slim now, but he is going on a diet now.
Minhyuk: I was taken in a picture at an event before comeback. My cheek was full. So I started diet to make my face smaller.
Shindong: Then fatten you up. If you’re slim and hear you’re fat, you feel unjust. But if you’re fat and hear you’re fat, you’re OK.

Shindong: Question 3 Who has changed most nicely after debut?
Jonghyun, Minhyuk: Jungshin!
Jungshin: Thanks to braces, my chin line became sharp.
Jonghyun: My skin became worse due to the makeup, but Jungshin’s skin is getting better.
Jungshin: Back in Japan, the water didn’t suit for my skin. When I looked at the mirror I talked to myself “How do you look that ugly?” ten times per day. Since I came back to Korea, my skin is getting better.

Kyuri: Question 4 Whose first impression was most scary?
Jungshin: All three were so friendly to me.
Minhyuk: Jonghyun was like a next door brother from the first time.
Jonghyun: When I saw Minhyuk first, I couldn’t help but smiling. Because he looked so good-natured.
Jungshin: How was I?
Jonghyun: You were not good.

Shindong: Whose popularity raised most after comeback?
All: Jungshin!
Minhyuk: His style has changed most, he even has nickname of goddess.
Jonghyun: After WGM, he hit the number one at a searching site.
Kyuri: How do you feel when you hear you’re goddess?
Minhyuk: Goddess is asking to goddess.
Jungshin: After changed my hair, my shape through camera seems a little bit pretty.
Jonghyun: I had my hair cut too. So I expected I could be noticed more. But Jungshin did a hit at WGM, my situation is below my expectation.

Shindong: Who is aware of fans or popularity most?
All: Minhyuk!
Jonghyun: During 1st album, Minhyuk was captured by camera a lot. But now, camera time was dispersed to me and Jungshin, Minhyuk’s time was reduced. He sighs checking the video later. So these days we call him like this, “Confidence lost Minhyuk!”
Minhyuk: No. I never care the camera time.

Shindong: Elder sister fan, younger sister fan, men fan, who do you feel glad more?
Jungshin: Elder sister fans. Most of our fans are elder sisters over 20s. Elder sisters give us presents.
Jonghyun: Men fans. The audience at the concert of famous foreign rock bands are mostly men. I envy it.
Minhyuk: I can’t choose.
Shindong: Definitely you care popularity most, you can’t choose one.

Kyuri: Who has inborn talent in music?
Minhyuk, Jungshin: Jong Hyun!
Shindong: Jong Hyun, why didn’t you answer?
Jonghyun: Ambiguous question. None of us has inborn talent. But we love music so much that we’re working hard. If I pick one among us, Yong Hwa hyung has inborn musical talent most.
Jungshin: Jonghyun really loves music. He never put guitar out of his hand, never step out of practice room. He really makes effort a lot.
Minhyuk: He leads us at ensemble. His love toward music is different from others’.
Shindong: Wow Jong Hyun, it seems you must treat them Samgyupsal (pork belly) today.
Jonghyun: Yes, I will treat Samgyupsal.

Shindong: Already one hour. How was it today?
Jonghyun: Just three of us could be funny.
Shindong: Common question from us, what is Superstar to you?
Jonghyun: It’s a dream. It’s our dream now, but if our dream come true, others may start having a dream looking at us. Dream will be continued to another dream.


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