My Color vol.187 June 2010

Country of origin: Taiwan
Release date: June 15th, 2010
To buy: Yesasia

Download 600 dpi version + bonus of 2 pages FTI: My Color
Scans and link were provided by klaritia

Taiwan magazine, MyCOLOR, 2010 No.187

Cover title
Jung Yong Hwa of You’re Handsome, All members of Handsome Boy Band, CNBLUE, Plan to Visit Taiwan This Fall

Sending BLUE LOVE all over Asia! Popular hot boy band plans to visit Taiwan this fall!
CNBLUE: Please feel our charisma in live performance!
The Korean drama You’re Handsome hasn’t been broadcast in Taiwan yet, but the popularity of the actors has soared all over Asia!
Actors Jang Geun Seok and Lee Hong Ki have come to Taiwan in the first half of this year. We can anticipate visit from another actor, Jung Yong Hwa, a member of CNBLUE, soon. A concert agency is arranging for a CNBLUE fanmeeting to be held here. They will come this fall!

All Members of ‘Handsome Boy Band’ Arrived!
Hot boy band CNBLUE rocked the Korean music scene with their first mini-ablum Bluetory in 2010. But they’ve experienced hardships: leader Jung Yong Hwa suffered from vocal cord nodules causing a halt in album recording; album concept photos got leaked and they had to shoot a new set. Despite all the blows, their will is tempered. CNBLUE, junior of FTISLAND, brings maturer music with their second mini-album BLUE LOVE. It’s worth all the anticipation.

Meaning of Code Name Blue!
CNBLUE, meaning Code Name Blue, comprises guitarist Lee Jong Hyun (B for burning), drummer Kang Min Hyuk (L for Lovely), bassist Lee Jung Shin (U for untouchable) and leader Jung Yong Hwa (E for emotional). They are different from many idol boy bands around; they sing songs written by themselves.

Putting In Much More Effort!
Lee Jong Hyun talked about the scandal and blows they’ve faced earlier. He said with a smile, “It’s a real hard time for us. We thought: Why torture us like this? But as I think about it now, it’s the time when we learned invaluable experience. It let us realize doing music is such a hard thing. So we’ve got to put in even more effort. We’ve become stronger spiritually since then. We aren’t afraid of difficulties anymore!”

Being in a Band Is Our Dream!
Lee Jung Shin said with confidence, “Some kids go to learn dancing seeing the dance groups around. But when they watch us perform, they’ll have some different choice!” Lee Jong Hyun added, “People who like CNBLUE can’t play music right away, but they’ll surely improve more and more playing instruments later.” Kang Min Hyuk revealed, “It’s actually our common dream to be in a band!” Jung Yong Hwa, however, stressed, “Dancing is a very charming thing too. It’s just that we can’t dance well and can never become professional performers!”

Live Is Everything! (1)
In the album BLUELOVE, the title track ‘Love’ is a multi-layered modern rock of strong beats. The acoustic guitar and electric guitar sounds complement each other perfectly, bringing out the freshness of the beautiful melody so well. One can see the talents of CNBLUE radiating from the short 3-minute track. On top of that, drummer Kang Min Hyuk wrote (lyrics) of ‘Sweet Holiday’, leader Jung Yong Hwa composed and penned ‘Tatoo’ as well as ‘Love Light’. Actually Lee Jong Hyun and Lee Jung Shin write music too. All of them want to have their own CNBLUE style in the new album. In the Korean music scene with few bands around, they think each and every chance to be on stage is a step forward for their music career. They’ve held more than a hundred live performances on streets and small clubs in Japan. And what they want most (in Korea) is live performance. Jung Yong Hwa explained, “Because live is everything!” They hope to interact more directly with music fans.

All Are Handsome Guys!
Leader Jung Yong Hwa became very popular because of his role in the Korean drama You’re Handsome, and thus has the most attention from the media and fans among all CNBLUE members. Has this caused any not-so-good feelings in the other members? Lee Jung Shin said thankfully, “It’s obvious that he’s got attention after the drama. And it’s all because of this that CNBLUE has gained a lot of attention!” Lee Jong Hyun admitted frankly that he would be lying if he said he wasn’t envious. But he said Jung Yong Hwa’s popularity has actually helped them a lot and so he had to thank Yong Hwa for that. One’s wish has no ends! Jung Yong Hwa said with a smile that they don’t just plan for concerts in Korea, but places far away like South East Asia, Japan and Taiwan. He asked everybody to anticipate their performances!

(1)The Chinese literally means ‘Live is the truth’.

Chinese to English translation by klaritia@soompi


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