Vogue Girl BTS

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credit: voguegirl.co.kr

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  1. klaritia June 28, 2010 at 6:59 am

    Transcript translated by klaritia @ soompi
    Based on Chinese subs by安夜澜 @ mr-cnblue.com

    MH: Love to me is . . . like first love, which feels fresh and causes your heart to go thump thump
    JS: To me, love is . . .
    YH: What is love to Jungshin?
    JS: Though I’m not that sure yet, maybe it’s like leaving your love one. The kind that causes pain when leaving.

    JH: If I were to say it in words, love is like Math.
    YH: Why?
    JH: As you go deeper in it, you feel more headache and dizziness.
    JH: What’s love to you, Yonghwa hyung?
    YH: Actually up till now, I don’t quite understand love. I don’t know love yet.

    MH: I love music.
    JS: I love my parents.
    MH: Oh, I forgot that.
    YH: I seem to love everybody. Though there are people whom I dislike . . . No matter what, I think I need to love everybody.
    Minhyuk loves music; it looks like he doesn’t quite like his parents.
    MH: So should I just say ‘pass’?

    JH and YH: Love is . . . Lemma (???) principle.
    JH: That’s too difficult. So I just say I love music too.

    YH: Aw . . . We had this photoshoot for Vogue Girl today. It’s a very interesting photoshoot experience. We always wear clean and neat clothes or solemn looking suits for photos. But for Vogue Girl this time, we’re showing this new ‘Black’ look. A very sophisticated cool black look. Jungshin is showing off this cold but beautiful look.
    We’ve released our new album Blue Love. I hope everybody love it a lot. We’ll always work really hard to be a band loved by more and more people.
    Everybody: So, that’s all from us, CNBLUE.
    YH: So it should have been you to say the above?
    MH: No.
    YH: Oh, sorry.

    PS Jonghyun has a sense of humor. “Love is like Math.” ^^

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