Trendy Magazine no.12

06.29 Updated with 600 dpi scan.

Country of origin: Taiwan
Release date: June 15th.
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Jonghyun told his special view on love, “I like girls who are older than me. Rather than saying older, maybe I should say I prefer someone more mature, so I can rely on her. As for my view on love . . . if a girl appeared and I thought she’s my woman at my first sight, I’d properly marry her right away.”

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Full translation

Taiwan Magazine, TRENDY 偶像誌 No.12, Cover Story

have this special connection
Since the last interview on the day of their debut stage
After four months
TRENDY meets with these four boys again
It’s just four months
but they’re oozing charm like those best bands around . . .

LOVE~ LOVE~ LOVE~ together with CNBLUE

LOVE Message to Taiwan Fans
Yonghwa’s greeting to Taiwan on behalf of CNBLUE, “Hi, Taiwan fans! Though we haven’t been to Taiwan, there’re many fans who want to see our performance. We’ll arrange for a visit to Taiwan in the near future. CNBLUE has released the second mini-album BLUE LOVE and the exclusive Taiwan limited edition version will be out soon. Please support us a lot!”

Hot boy band CNBLUE is back with their second mini-ablum BLUE LOVE. They have just started their busy promotion activities. One can see how much their popularity has soared just from their fully-packed schedule. And their popularity is still on the rise.
CNBLUE and TRENDY seem to have a special connection; it’s only four months ago since the last exclusive interview about their debut stage. TRENDY met with these four cool boys again. CNBLUE agreed to be interviewed by TRENDY despite their tight schedule and they had a photoshoot for TRENDY Idol Magazine to celebrate our first anniversary.

Actually, We Still Don’t Know Love . . .

Right after CNBLUE had their fan signing event at (skipped venue name), they came to the photoshoot studio arranged by TRENDY. Maybe it’s for their hectic schedule and this rain during Dream Concert the other day, the boys coughed non-stop after saying hi to me. First, it’s Yonghwa, then Jonghyun and the next was Jungshin. I thought Minhyuk was the only one among the four who could resist the cold virus attack but I was wrong. It’s just that his cold symptom wasn’t coughing.
Despite their feeling a little un-well, CNBLUE still appeared upbeat during the interview and photoshoot. Surprisingly, I could see some sides of their real selves which weren’t revealed during the previous interview.

Q: In the new album, the songs are telling the many different facets of love. And there’re songs composed and penned by Yonghwa and Minhyuk. Can each of you recommend your own favorite among them and tell us the reasons behind?
“Recommend . . . hmm . . .” Jungshin was so serious thinking that he stopped suddenly. Jonghyun turned around to see Jungshin’s serious but troubled face and couldn’t help but laughed out loud. Jungshin’s train of thoughts was totally disturbed by Jonghyun’s laugh, so he sighed a deep sigh, picked up his thoughts again and answered, “I recommend ‘Black Flower’. You can hear the obvious drum beats in it and that’s my favorite part of the song. Though the lyrics aren’t that upbeat, it’s explaining love in a great way.”
“I recommend ‘Sweet Holiday’! The song tells the story of inexperienced love and pulls one’s heart strings. It’s about the feelings of puppy love.” Hearing Jonghyun’s recommendation and seeing his infectious smile, it’s Yonghwa’s turn to laugh out loud. TRENDY stared at Yonghwa with an inquiring face but he just shook his head saying nothing.
Yonghwa said, “I recommend ‘Tatoo’, composed and written by me. The lyrics are about some kind of unforgettable love. It’s the most satisfied work from me so far.”
“Actually I like all the songs in the album but I still want to recommend my own work ‘Sweet Holiday’. The title track ‘Love’ is my favorite too. Everybody, please listen to them!” Hearing Minhyuk’s recommendation, the other three nodded, agreeing with him.

Q:What is CNBLUE’s ideal type of girl and view on love?
Minhyuk answered first, “My ideal type. It’s difficult to give an example of a real person. But I like girls who are like friends and can mix with boys easily. As for my view on love, I’m not so sure about that up till now.”
“Hmm . . . ideal type . . .” Yonghwa answered while thinking.
TRENDY deliberately teased him, “You’re married now (note 1), so this can be an inconvenient question and we all understand.” Everybody laughed hearing TRENDY say the above and Yonghwa himself laughed out loud happily and shouted, “Pass!” Of course this was just a joke and he still had to answer the question.
Yonghwa said with a smile, “I also think I don’t understand much about love. My ideal type and view on love seem to change with circumstances. They’ve changed all this time. Anyway, I hope for some long and stable relationship.”
Jonghyun told his special view on love, “I like girls who are older than me. Rather than saying older, maybe I should say I prefer someone more mature, so I can rely on her. As for my view on love . . . if a girl appeared and I thought she’s my woman at my first sight, I’d properly marry her right away.”
Jungshin, “I like girls who are feminine and kind-hearted, giving the feeling of a good girl. But I haven’t had much experience dating, I can’t explain much about love and my view of love for I don’t quite understand love at all.
Note 1: As Jung Yonghwa is now in the hot reality show We Got Married, playing virtual husband and wife with Seohyun of SNSD, TRENDY joked about his being ‘married’.

Q: CNBLUE’s dream date . . .
“I want to go to the amusement park with the girl I like. Then we’ll ride bicycles on the shore of the Han River.” Minhyuk said.
“I . . . hmm . . . (silence) . . . Pass.”
Yonghwa thought for a long time. Don’t know if too many choices popped up in his mind or he couldn’t think of anything, he shouted ‘Pass’ again. Jonghun beside him saved the day and said, “I just want a very ordinary date, maybe go to some crowded place, just like everybody else. But as a singer now, it seems this dream can’t be realized.”
“One fine day, I’d like to have a walk in the park or a street with lots of trees, hand in hand with her.” Jungshin’s dream date is so simple but very romantic at the same time!
The question went to Yonghwa again and he perplexedly scratched the back of his head and finally thought of an answer, “I want to have a vacation overseas with the girl I like, or maybe just have coffee together at times. I hope that we’ll have fun together, making a lot of beautiful memories.”

Funny Episode During Interview
While Minhyuk was seriously answering the question about the new album, the mild smile on Jonghyun’s face had this tendency to get wild. And leader Yonghwa was trying hard to stay calm with a little smile. But they all failed to control themselves and burst out laughing. The unexpected laughs from these two made Minhyuk feel really embarrassed and strange as he was actually answering a serious question. Jonghyun then apologized over and over to him and Yonghwa actually protested. What caused the laughs was their manager playing with a super-wavy-hairy wig and putting it on his own head.

Live Performance, the Worst Things Are Careless Mistakes and Forgetting Lyrics . . .

Q: CNBLUE has had a lot of live performances, so as to let people feel CNBLUE’s music from the closest distance. What has impressed you most and what are the most interesting things about doing lives? What’s the greatest challenge for live performances?
“We had an outdoor concert at COEX before. It’s kinda big to us. A lot of people went to see us perform that day. It was around eight at night and it’s very dark already. During the show, I found the night scene very beautiful and felt very blessed that I could play and sing our songs to everybody while enjoying the night scenery.” Jungshin really liked the atmosphere of the live performance.
“Up till now, I still think of myself as a newbie with little experience. I still feel awkward standing in front of the camera. But each experience I’ve gained standing in front of the camera has become some very interesting memory.” I believe Minhyuk, being a music show MC now, will have even more chances to stand in front of the camera and accumulate a lot of interesting memories!
Yonhwa, who has appeared on many big shows and has so much more experience compared to other members, gave a surprising answer,
“I’m very afraid of live shows, maybe it’s because I always make mistakes. (Laughs) Whenever I hear that it’s a live show, I’ll have the bad feeling in my heart that something unfortunate is gonna happen. Or I’ll remember some bad memories and just don’t know what to do! There are many things that impress me. During a Japan concert, my guitar strings broke; at a concert in Korea, I forgot the lyrics. I was so nervous then and they thus became unforgettable memories.”
“I always forget lyrics too. So I try to memorize the lyrics more seriously and practice many times.” Jonghyun, who has a lot of vocal parts, couldn’t help shaking his head telling his experience about forgetting lyrics.
Don’t know if it’s because the questions that followed are more about their personal lives, or it’s because we started to feel close as time passed, CNBLUE’s answers were getting more and more interesting, making everybody laugh out loud. Yonghwa’s hoarse voice began to worry me as he seemed to be un-well. But when I was asking my questions in Chinese, he listened so attentively and made this “Aw . . . hmm . . . ah . . .” sound, as if he could understand all the Chinese. He not only made his bandmates and the filming crew laugh out loud, he himself laughed for a long time before he could stop.

Q: Live performance requires good co-operation. Do CNBLUE have special means to cultivate good understanding among yourselves?
“We don’t have special means for that. But as we’re living together and practicing together all the time, our understanding just grows with the everyday tiny events.” Minhyuk answered with a smile.

Q: Besides practice, what do CNBLUE usually do together and where do you go together?

“We’re always asked the same question during interviews. Everybody is so curious about this but we really don’t do anything special together. Usually after group practice, we just chat sitting on the sofa outside the practice room. If we aren’t doing group practice but individual practice, we’ll watch concert videos. Just like that!” Minhyuk explained.
“Besides the practice room and dormitory, the only place we go together often is . . . the hair salon.” Hearing Yonghwa’s answer, Minhyuk couldn’t help laughing.
“And there are the TV stations.” Jonghyun who smiled all the time, tried to hide his smile saying the above but then couldn’t help but laughed right after.
Yonghwa added, “Concert venues.”
Hearing Yonghwa’s answer, Jungshin and TRENDY smiled and shook our heads together. These are real answers but the ways Yonghwa and Jonghyun giving these real answers one after the other are so cute, everybody just burst out laughing.

Food and Clothes, Just Very Ordinary . . .

Q: What’s the food you always have together?
Jonghyun answered with a straight face, “XXXX (name of a grilled meat restaurant) facing the place of our practice room.”
His answer caused bursts of laughs from his bandmates. Jungshin couldn’t help laughing out loud while Minhyuk laughed and clapping praising Jonghyun’s good answer. Yonghwa was laughing so hard and he had his ankle hitting Jonghyun’s arm lightly as a positive feed back. Jonghyun himself laughed so much that his eyes couldn’t be seen.
Yonghwa coughed after laughing so hard and had a hard time calming down before he explained, “That grill meat restaurant near our practice room, we don’t go there for meat. We go for the delicious soya bean curd hot pot. Since it’s difficult for us to eat outside now, we always have takeaways in the practice room or in the studios when we have schedules like today. We usually have Chinese food, pizzas or bendos.”

Q: What’s your favorite food?
Yonghwa said, “Many but I like spaghetti most.”
Jonghyun revealed, “Mine is rice in pork soup and Pusan cold noodles.”
(Both Jonghyun and Yonghwa are from Pusan. Rice in pork soup and Pusan cold noodles are special cuisine of Pusan which can’t be found in Seoul.)
“I . . . like all kinds of food.” Minhyuk isn’t a picky eater.
Jungshin repeated Minhyuk’s answer, “I like all kinds of food.”

Q: CNBLUE are very popular nowadays and are endorsing many products (e.g., skin care products, clothing), do you have unique skin care tips? And what kind of clothing style do you prefer in private?
“We can’t say much, because Minhyuk has the best skin. Compared to him . . . I’d better say nothing.” Yonghwa said with a smile, turned to look at Jonghyun and Jungshin, then added, “For our everyday outfits, we usually like something casual. Jungshin has been working hard for a challenging new look but has failed totally. He buys new outfits, finds them unsuitable, takes them back to the shop, repeating the cycle non-stop.” (Laughs)
Jungshin admitted honestly, “I know, I’ll keep working hard!”

Heading Happily Towards Their Dream!

Q: From debut to releasing your second album, you’ve gained fame. Does it feel like what you imagined before? Do you feel uncomfortable at all about it now?
Minhyuk: What is most unexpected is what happened between the first album and this second album. I’ve never expected our getting so popular and being so well received. We didn’t even dare to imagine something like this.
Jungshin: Just like what Minhyuk said, as the response was so good right from the beginning, we demanded ourselves to make an even better album. The most different thing from before debut is that we cannot go to places freely as before.
Yonghwa: What has changed most is actually Jungshin’s hairstyle. Jonghyun’s and Minhyuk’s have changed much too.
Jonghyun: Yonghwa hyung’s hasn’t changed much.
Yonghwa: Maybe it’s because I have my hairstyle changed many times from the very beginning. So you can’t feel it.
Jonghyun: I thought I could eat everything I like as much as I want but I didn’t realize I can’t find the time for that at all.
“Can’t have rice in pork soup at all.” Yonghwa said with exactly the same regretting tone.
Jonghyun: Eating the same thing every day. Actually, this is the hardest thing.

Q: Do CNBLUE have any thoughts or specific plans for the future? And what advice will you give to your successors who want to get involved in band music?
Jonghyun said humbly, “I don’t think we’re in any position to be anybody’s model yet. But as an advice, I’d say since we get together to be a band because of our common dream, we hope everybody can do this thing happily just like us. And one needs to accumulate more live performance experience. It’s the best place to learn the most things.”
“A band needs to be on the stage as much as possible, to learn to interact with the audience as well as how to lead them to the mood you’ve planned for them to feel. One can learn all those stuff through live performances. Though I’m not qualified at all saying the above now, I really hope to see more bands around and that we can share the stage together.” Yonghwa gave the practical and to the point advice.

Note After the Interview
Considering the fact that all CNBLUE members had a cold and felt un-well, and Yonghwa had a filming schedule the next day, TRENDY ended the happy interview earlier than planned.
Unlike the first time when they felt so nervous and shy, seeing the CNBLUE now almost half a year later, they’re more confident and natural. And to everybody’s surprise, they don’t have to make jokes deliberately to make people think they are actually a happy band who like to laugh a lot. There is this natural bond among them, a special quality unique to CNBLUE. This quality is very charming and attractive, just like their music, which makes people want to keep listening to them.
And the next day after their happy interview with TRENDY, there came the news that Yonghwa was admitted to the hospital after a filming schedule. Fortunately, he turned better after a few days’ rest and was able to get on track with his busy schedule again. The other members have re-gained their health too. I hope CNBLUE will look after their health. Please don’t get sick anymore or you’ll break the fans’ hearts.

CNBLUE Album Release Info
With great anticipation from fans, CNBLUE’s second album BLUE LOVE has been released. The concept of the album is about CNBLUE’s thoughts about what love feels.
Minhyuk said, “Our second album is named BLUE LOVE, most of the songs are about love. The title track ‘LOVE’ is a song of strong rhythms and one will feel very upbeat listening to it. The sixth track ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is a song we always performed when we were in Japan. It’s our favorite song too. We include it as a bonus track. I hope everybody will like the album. Please give us a lot of support!
Warner Music imported CNBLUE’s newest number 1 Korean version album on June 4, 2010. And the exclusive Taiwan limited edition version is available for pre-order starting from June 1. CNBLUE fans should not miss them!
And the record company has announced the official Hanja names of the band members as follows:
정용화: 鄭容和
이종현: 李宗泫
이정신: 姜敏赫
강민혁: 李正信

Chinese to English translation by klaritia@soompi


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    Hope the boys will (try to) be healthy and eating properly~ :(. Slowly they’re becoming experienced celebrities now…

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