2010.06.30 KBS Cool FM Hong Jin Kyung Radio

07.01 Updated with the transcript

JongHyun and YongHwa singing Love Light.

Full show video

Download: 0630 Radio
credit: 오징어땅콩 @ jungyonghwa.net

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
cre: kbs

Transcript translated by saturn@soompi

JK: Please greet to the listeners one by one
Yong Hwa: Hi, I’m leader, vocal and guitar Jung Yong Hwa. I was busy for doing group works and personal schedule.
Jong Hyun: Hi, I was busy making our albums.
Min Hyuk: Drummer Kang Min Hyuk. I was doing well eating the dumpling and kimchi Jin Kyung noona had sent last time.
Yong Hwa: It was so delicious, the best.
JK: It’s indirect advertisement. Please stop it.
Jung Shin: Bass Lee Jung Shin. We four have lived loving Jin Kyung noona’s dumpling and kimchi.
JK: Yong Hwa’s birthday was 22nd, Min Hyun’s was 28th. Did you have good time?
Yong Hwa: Yes, I had good time with busy schedule.
JK: I wanted to send you a celebration SMS, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know your number.
Min Hyuk: We don’t have cell phones.
JK: You don’t have cell phones? Really? Why?
Yong Hwa: We removed it before we went to Japan.
JK: Is it a rule of your company?
Yong Hwa: Well not a rule but…
JK: In these days, living without cell phone, frankly speaking I can’t accept it.
Jong Hyun: We removed phones when we went to Japan because the roaming charge was too expensive. After that, we are not thinking of making it again.
JK: Our scriptwriters outside are saying that you’re lying because you don’t want girls get your numbers.
Then Yong Hwa, what’s the phone you contact your wife at WGM?
Yong Hwa: That’s only for WGM filming (sponsored by xperia sony-erricson, the same phone was used at LOVE MV)
JK: How many birthdays have you had?
Min Hyuk: I’m 20.
Yong Hwa: I’m 22.
JK: How is it? The feeling of meeting 20 or 22th birthday?
Min Hyuk: Different from past, it’s my first birthday after I debuted. So many fans celebrated me, I was so happy. Actually, when I was at school, my birthday used to be skipped without my friends’ knowing.
JK: Not from fans, did you guys give and take any gift?
Min Hyuk: We promised not to present anything yet.
Yong Hwa: Did we? But I presented Jong Hyun a watch at his birthday.
Jong Hyun: Our birthdays are close to each other, so we thought, rather give and take, we’de better celebrate with heart only. But at my birthday, Yong Hwa hyung presented me a watch.
JK: Then you just skipped Yong Hwa’s birthday. Fellows must have give-and-take.
Jong Hyun: Yong Hwa hyung is going well…
Yong Hwa: No.
Jong Hyun: Different situation from mine.
JK: It seems Yong Hwa felt disappointed a little bit.
Yong Hwa: At Jong Hyun’s birthday, we had no schedule, so that we could have a party. We were busy at my birthday.
JK: Although you were busy, you could have had time for prepare just a pencil lead. It’s so sad.
Jong Hyun can’t lift his face.
Yong Hwa: If he earn a lot of money later, he must give me expensive one.
Jong Hyun: I’ll buy you a guitar.
JK: I hope this promise be kept.
Yong Hwa: Your word is broadcasted.
JK: We are having such a warm conversation. Let’s listen to a song. CNBLUE – LOVE

More under the cut

JK: I read the news article of ‘The first concert in Korea sold out in one minute’. First, congratulations. How is your feeling?
Jung Shin: We were surprised a lot.
Min Hyuk: Surprised a lot and feel a burden, feel nervous. Because it’s the first concert held in Korea. We are being considered. So we must prepare really hard. We have a lot of thoughts.
JK: If you invite only one person to the concert, who do you want to invite?
Jung Shin: One person? Parents? Friends? Who should it be?
JK: Don’t ask me.
Jung Shin: I will invite my class teacher of first year of high school. I had long hair, wore earrings. People thought I was a bad boy. So nobody tried to get closer to me. That teacher opened her mind to me and talked with me, then she found I am not a bad boy. Then I could get close to other teachers too. Her name is Yi Eun Young. (The teacher at the video of Jung Shin’s graduation)
JK: Why don’t you visit her bringing the ticket. She must be very happy to see you.
Min Hyuk: I want to invite all of my school friends. If I pick one, others must be disappointed.
JK: It’s just for fun, don’t be too serious.
Min Hyuk: Then I will invite my best friend Jae Hyuk.
Jong Hyun: Mee to. My best friend Tae Sung, since 1st year of middle school. He goes to military service soon.
JK: Wow if you invite the friend who goes to military service, he must be very happy.
Yong Hwa: I’ll invite my home dog JJing. It’s from my heart. If I’m on TV, it recognizes me. Although it’s been a long time since we’ve met. Hi JJing~~
JK: Many fans are saying that they want to be JJing. One fan said Seo Hyun is less than your dog.
Yong Hwa: First, Jjing has no schedule. It’s good if Seo Hyun can come. I also want to go to SNSD’s concert.
JK: I see. JJing rather than Seo Hyun. That’s your conclusion.
Yong Hwa: I’m sorry, Seo Hyun. I did it for fun but things became too big.
JK: If you invite a woman celebrity?
Jong Hyun: I’ll answer first. Jin Kyung noona.
JK: We have a rule that you can’t invite married woman.
Jong Hyun: Then hyung can’t invite Seo Hyun, she is married.
JK: Whose turn first?
Jong Hyun: Min Hyuk
Min Hyuk: Why me? Hyungs do first. Suddenly I can’t think of any woman celebrity.
Jung Shin: Lee Hyo Ri
Min Hyuk: Then I’ll do Kim Tae Hee.
Jong Hyun: Son Ye Jin
Yong Hwa: Ueno Juri (Japanese actress)
JK: Now we can get ideal women of all four.

JK: Let’s get fans’ questions. Min Hyuk, You feel sad if you’re not captured by camera much. Do you have any special know-how to be appealed in short moment.
Min Hyuk: There is a camera only for me. When the red lights on, I smile at the camera.
JK: Especially Yong Hwa gazes camera well.
Yong Hwa: Now I can get the image how I will be shown on TV when I see the camera.
JK: Question to two Busan men, “Please recommend places I must visit at Busan.”
Jong Hyun: Song Do. Visitors go to Haeundae more, but Busan residents prefer Song Do. Water is much clearer, higher level than Haeundae. The beach is less crowded.
Jung Shin: What is regional specialty of Song Do?
Yong Hwa: The regional specialty of Song Do is Jong Hyun.
JK: You are from Song Do. How about another?
Yong Hwa: Well, in any way, it’s Haeundae.
JK: Songdo and Haeundae. Dear fans, visit and find by yourselves for this summer vacation. Let’s listen to live singing. Love Light!
Jung Shin: Handsome.
JK: They are really handsome. Are they handsome in men’s eyes?
Jung Shin: Handsome. Everytime they two sing, we feel sad.
Min Hyuk: That side is shining, our side is dark.
JK: Don’t torture yourself. Here’s the song, Love light!

JK: Wow, so tender. You’re good singers, good looking, good at instruments. Here’s a fan’s comment, “Frankly speaking, If he were my husband, I can’t live peacefully. I just want a friend like him.” That’s so true, if my husband is Yong Hwa or Jong Hyun, I can’t stay at home. These attractive four, do you have any complaint in your body?
Min Hyuk: I have. My hips have no volume at all. Members cannot repress their astonishment.
JK: If there’s chance, I want to check it with my own eyes. But no chance maybe. How about Jung Shin?
Jung Shin: Well, I don’t like all of my look.
Min Hyuk: Jung Shin, you are going best these days, don’t do that.
JK: You resemble Kimura Takuya.
Jong Hyun: How do you know it? We’ve talked it by ourselves, Jung Shin always denies it. One day, we took the subway at Japan, we all were so surprised. Jung Shin was there on the wall, but it was Kimura Takuya actually.
Jung Shin: I really like Kimura Takuya. I watched all of his dramas. He was the star worthy enough to be anyone’s idol.
Yong Hwa: So are you saying you resemble him?
Jung Shin: No. Everytime I hear it, I deny it. But it feels good to hear.
JK: How about Yong Hwa?
Yong Hwa: My snaggletooth. I want to correct it.
Jung Shin: Hyung’s snaggletooth is pretty snaggletooth.
Yong Hwa: Thank you, Mr. Kimura Takuya.
JK: Let me see. Wow that’s just your attraction. Leave it as it is. How about Jong Hyun?
Jong Hyun: I have dark circle under my eyes. I hate to sleep. I sleep just for 3~4 hours. It doesn’t disappear.
JK: 3~4 hours is too short. If you sleep enough, it disappears.

Here’s a question from fan, “What does Appa (daddy) mean to Jong Hyun?” A few days ago, at Busan performance, you called “Appa” so innocently to your father at audience seat?
Jong Hyun: For me, my father is the person I respect most in the world.
JK: Did you see him accidently? or you invited him?
Jong Hyun: He said he would come, but I didn’t know where he was.
Jung Shin: Yong Hwa hyung found parents, and told Jong Hyun hyung that there they were, suddenly Jong Hyun hyung shouted “Appa” loudly. I was surprised.
JK: How much you were pleased, you did such thing on the stage while singing. Be good to your parents. Another question from fan, “What does Doijikookbob (Pork stew with rice) mean to Jong Hyun?”
Jong Hyun: When I eat Doijikookbob, I reflect my life. There’s such a delicious food in this world, I must live hard. To be able to keep eating this delicious food, I must work hard.
JK: I know what it is. I appreciate to my tongue which feels this taste. If I think of starving Africans, I tear. Another question, “If you have a girl you love, but your company don’t allow your dating. What would you do, give up? or date in secrete?
Yong Hwa: A feeling of loving someone is not the thing a company can stop. But if I judged and made a conclusion that it’s not the right time, I can give up clearly from my mind.
Min Hyuk: I will choose what is the best in the situation.
Yong Hwa: You’re right. But our answer became too serious. We must make the mood high
JK: The mood is OK now. I will manage the mood, you just answer the question.
Yong Hwa: Just follow my feeling.
JK: OK, your answer is clever. Fans are worrying that you have a lot of schedule today. What schedule do you have today?
Jung Shin: We have two fansign events.
Jong Hyun: Eh it’s a loose day today.
JK: Tell me your future plan.
Jong Hyun: MC!
Min Hyuk: Yes, We’ve been working with BLUELOVE for 2 months. Please keep supporting us. Please expect July 31 concert.
JK: Thank you. Lastly, Black Flower is aired.


12 responses to “2010.06.30 KBS Cool FM Hong Jin Kyung Radio

  1. veronica1975 June 30, 2010 at 7:00 am

    Like Yongleader sing in his song “I love you darling” thanks so much for sharing kekekeke

  2. klaritia June 30, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    I read the Chinese translation (by onlycnblue) of the DJ’s blog.

    About whom the boys would invite to their first Korea concert . . .
    Minhyuk and Jonghyun each name a friend; Jungshin invites his highschool teacher; Yonghwa will take his doggie . . .
    No wonder this ‘Rich Kid and Doggie pic’ appeared at DC earlier!

    Celebs they wanna invite . . .
    JS: Lee Hyori
    MH: Kim Tae Hee
    JH: Son Ye Jin
    YH: Juri Ueno

    • chiara June 30, 2010 at 1:15 pm

      Thanks for the translation. LOL, YongHwa is going for foreigner (Jap) celeb this time, avoiding rumors too much? XD
      And JongHyun is pretty loyal to Son Ye Jin noona.

    • annann June 30, 2010 at 6:02 pm

      klaritia, do you have more interview ?
      I really need to know have they talk about WGM?

      so I read on sweet potato couple thread, someone posted ” jungshin said yonghwa laughs to himself when he comes back ..”


  3. annann June 30, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    who is Juri Ueno ..

    poor yonghwa, his voice is no good, little hoarse..


    chiara, your JH so handsome with glasses

    • chiara June 30, 2010 at 2:40 pm

      Thanks for naming him as “my JongHyun” hahahaha.
      Ueno Juri is a Japanese actress. I like her in the Nodame Cantabille dorama. So comical. Recently she starred in a drama (forgot the title) with Jaejoong DBSK.

  4. annann June 30, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    ok, I see.. she is Nodame .. , I like her also
    just want to know, can she play piano like in the drama ?

    hahhaha, your JungHyun and my Yonghwa..

  5. annann June 30, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    sorry.. I put here again, to afraid klaritia will do not see my posted

    klaritia, do you have more interview ?
    I really need to know have they talk about WGM?

    so I read on sweet potato couple thread, someone posted ” jungshin said yonghwa laughs to himself when he comes back ..”


  6. klaritia July 1, 2010 at 2:30 am

    @ annann
    Do you mean translation of the radio show? The Chinese subbed version isn’t out yet. And I’ll be busy these few days. If no English subs come out until next week, I’ll see if there are interesting things worth translating.
    So you really know me. I read everything here, even all the comments. 🙂

    @ chiara
    Your fans are talking to each other here. Sorry! ;p

  7. vivi July 2, 2010 at 5:36 am

    Thank you so so much for translating!! My eyes are all tearing up now from laughing so hard xDD

    Jong Hyun never fails to make me squeal ;___;. I think I’ll pin-point his saying on Doijikookbab on the wall in front of my desk, it may make me live more responsibly xD
    I’ll be anticipating Jong Hyun’s MC~~ (and chiara too, especially =D)

    CNBlue is really very lovable ❤ ❤

    • chiara July 2, 2010 at 6:58 am

      I’m not the one who translated it, saturn did. Jong Hyun needs to practice a lot to be MC. He’s very quiet on tv. Maybe he can start by giving some winning speech first. :p

  8. kat July 2, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Poor YongHwa, he doesn’t sound so well.. their management should really give the boys some rest.

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