Pati Pati – August Edition

07.12 Updated with translation
07.13 Updated with 600dpi scans

Country of origin: Japan
Release date: July 9th, 2010
To buy the magazine: HMV Japan

scanned by:

Download 600dpi scans (with FT Island scans too!): Pati August
scanned and provided by klaritia@soompi

English translation by klaritia@soompi
based on Chinese translation by anna@cnbluechina

CNBLUE Sensibility Dictionary
The series of articles on sensitive CNBLUE’s revealing their thoughts about various emotions and words begin! The very first one is about one of their charms—Live. It’s only bands that treasure interacting with audience can show their passion and best sides on stage!

#1 [live]

Live Is Passion

I think if a performer doesn’t show his passion to the audience, the audience can never enjoy the performance. Though it isn’t that one can force out some kind of passion as one likes it . . . I think it really depends on whether the performer lets people see his passion that the performer and the audience can become a whole. I’m always a little depressed in my everyday life. But whenever it comes to lives, I just forget everything and feel like letting my passion flow out. Such transformation is one of the great things about lives. I want the people who come to see our lives be influenced by my passion and I like to see their mood all boiled up. To me, live is sharing passion with people.

Live Is Dream

To me, live is . . . I just thought about this. When we were in Japan last year, all of us went to ‘Summer Sonic’. We saw unforgettable singers. It’s the biggest one I’ve been to up till now; I’ll never forget it. The musicians on stage were radiating energy of immense power. Each and every person among the audience could feel that energy and became so wild and crazy. I was among that big vortex of craze and wildness. I just thought, “This is the power of live!” Since that day, I have dreamed that I will stand on that kind of stage one day. To me, live is dream.

Live Is Heartbeat

Breathing with the audience in unison, the emotional interaction with them each time, is what I feel about lives. Whenever there is a live ahead, I just got very excited and I can feel my heartbeats. As there are no scripts for it (Of course we have a plan for the performance flow), unexpected things and accidents happen. I actually guess what will happen. There was this live in Japan not long ago, when Yonghwa hyung’s guitar string broke. Jonghyun hyung saved the day with a 10-minute emergency performance. With all these, live is ‘heartbeat’ to me.

Live Is Vitamin

The first thing that came to my mind is the countless street lives we had in Japan earlier. It’s the hot and humid summer. We were carrying the instruments and amplifiers around, moving a step required so much energy. We were so exhausted even before we actually performed. But the moment the live started, all the tiredness vanished. I became all energetic and my spirits just shoot up. It was just incredible. It’s the same when my voice wasn’t in good conditions. When I got on the stage and began to sing strumming my guitar, energy that came from nowhere caught me instantaneously. Without my even knowing it, the live just ended. To me, live is totally like vitamin; it provides multiple times of energy instantaneously.


2 responses to “Pati Pati – August Edition

  1. Smile_Wider July 9, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Jung Shin ,really ,looks like a Japanese boy

    Hope that there’s someone gonna translate this in to Eng. ^^”

    Thanks a lot, chiara for sharing this and also giving me the answer

  2. klaritia July 10, 2010 at 2:19 am

    FnC even announces its release at . . . for a single page article (no new pics >.<)? But they don't say anything about the July issue (2 pages is not a lot but the pics are new!!) and what about SIA, reporting on the April concert and with an interview?
    I must say FnC is very 'special' when it comes to publicity. <.<
    But I ordered it anyway, call me crazy. (together with the July one)

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