2010.07.30 Twitter Updates

Our Tom and Jerry are updating today! I’m glad they have Sony Ericsson X10 now. Don’t care if they share them or not. Still they can tweet and share pics easily now.

First, JungShin posted a tweet during the rehearsal for the Listen to the CNBLUE.

악스홀 대기실이랍니다!
내일 있을 콘서트 리허설 도중 저녁시간!
여러분은 식사 하셨습니까 지금은 밥탐!!!

Translation by saturn.@soompi

I am at waiting room of AX hall.
It’s dinner time during rehearsal for tomorrow’s concert!
Did you have dinner? It’s dinner time !!!

Then hours later, JongHyun updated the tweets that they have finished the rehearsal.

안녕하세요. 종현입니다. 리허설이 끝나고 집에가는 중입니다… 이제 집에가서 좀 자고나면 여러분들과 저희가 기다려왔던 콘서트가 시작되네요…. 전 집에 도착하면 바로 잘거에요. 절대 긴장해서 못자는사람이 아닙니다. 훗.

Translation by sPark*@soompi

Hello. This is JongHyun. On the way home from rehearsal…tonight after sleeping at home, it will be the time for the concert that we have all been waiting for…I am going to sleep as soon as we get home. I am not the type of person to lose sleep because of nervousness. hehe


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