2010.08.04 Channel V Taiwan Interview

cre: shu351511 @ youtube

Translation by klaritia@soompi

Title: JK Superstar – CNBLUE

(N = Narrator)

N: Superstar CNBLUE will go to Taiwan meeting the fans. Before that, it’s a must that they learn some Chinese.
YH: Hi, everybody! We’re (In Mandarin) CNBLUE. Hi, I’m the leader of CNBLUE. I’m Jung Yong Hwa, the vocalist and guitarist too.
JH: Hi! I’m the guitarist and vocalist of CNBLUE, Lee Jong Hyun.
MH: Hi! I’m the drummer of CNBLUE, Kang Min Hyuk.
JS: Hi! I’m the bassist of CNBLUE, Lee Jung Shin.
YH: We’re so happy to see fans from Taiwan. CNBLUE will continue to work very hard. Please give a lot of support to our new album Blue Love and the title track ‘Love’ too. We’re CNBLUE!

N: Unlike other idol groups, CNBLUE entered the music scene as a band. Every member has his own talent creating music. They talked about how they get inspiration writing songs.
MH: I usually compose music or write lyrics when I’m traveling in the car. I listen to others’ music to get inspiration. Sometimes it’s when it’s real late at night when I’m alone. I look out of the window and write songs.
JH: My inspiration comes from various experiences of my everyday life. I can write base on those.
YH: When I have finished all the schedule of a day and go home, I’ll open the computer program and start composing some melodies. I usually write music this way. And especially during rainy days, times like those.
JS: I’m inspired by the tidbits of my everyday life too. Or I think about my past to write songs. The lyrics are transformed from my own experience in life.

N: CNBLUE like to get close to fans through live performances. And they have much unforgettable experience about them.
JS: For me . . . hmm . . . It’s the one in November last year in Japan. We treated it as our very last live performance. We’re all very serious about it. Each of us worked very hard.

N: CNBLUE like to do live so much that they have planned for concerts tour.
YH: On June 23 and 26, we’ll have concerts in Osaka and Tokyo. Then on July 31, we’ll have a concert in Korea. Starting from August, we’ll have promotion showcases in Asia.

N: Since their debut, they have been well received by music fans. They talked about their goal too.
YH: In Korea, the impression on bands aren’t that good. We want to break down this prejudice. We want to be an approachable group. That’s basically our goal.

N: CNBLUE is coming to Taiwan soon, so they have much to say to Taiwan fans.
YH: Boice of Taiwan, I think we can meet with you very soon. Please anticipate for that. And please give a lot of love to ‘Love’ of Blue Love. We won’t let you wait too long. Thank you.


One response to “2010.08.04 Channel V Taiwan Interview

  1. narina August 6, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    they are getting more publicity from all over Asia..so happy for them ..lucky taiwanese Boice ..^^
    thx klaritia for the trans & chiara for sharing it ^^

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