2010.08.05 MBC Change The World Quiz Recording

source: http://blog.naver.com/o_o_ss501

Fan account translated by saturn.@soompi

According to fan’s report, both were so much cute.
First, they performed Bass & Drum !!
This show is for middle aged people, so there were some adult conversation.
All others were laughing while these two boys were just flickering big eyes, didn’t know why.
Guests were asked if they have any ‘jusa'(= bad drinking habit), Min Hyuk didn’t know what ‘jusa’ is. Min Hyuk made a shape of injector with his fingers then showed it to Jung Shin asking if ‘jusa’ is this. [‘jusa’ is homonym, it means bad drinking habit (酒邪) or an injection, shot (注射)]. For education purpose, fans are planning to show Min Hyuk what ‘bad drinking habit’ is at fansign tomorrow.

A fan asked Min Hyuk by UFO if he really didn’t know the meaning of ‘jusa’, he answered he really didn’t. Do you remember? Min Hyuk didn’t know the meaning of ‘after request’ at radio show.

‘Change the world quiz’ is aired tomorrow (Aug.7).


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