Pati-Pati Magazine – September Edition

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Translation by saturn.@soompi

  1. Jung Shin: Summer is the season of sweat.
    It’s definitely sweat in summer. My body gets hotter and I sweat. But this sweat is different from what I sweat when I practice or at live stage. Even though the chemical element is same. The sweat when I sweat while the live concert playing Bass is so precious to me. I want to sweat a lot this summer too.
  2. Jong Hyun: Summer….. ‘Sea’
    For me summer is the image of ‘sea’ strongly. I’ve lived near the sea when I was young. I have memory that I used to swim at the sea with friends. I’m sad I can’t do it recently. I miss it so much. At autumn, I used to talk to the sea at the cold beach. That blue sea seemed to forgive me everything. It used to be my conversation partner. I hope to be there again.
  3. Yong Hwa: Summer reminds me of ‘rainy season’
    Many people may remind of sun or hot sunshine. But when I hear the word summer, I remind cool seasonal heavy rain. The heavy pouring rain washes away all negative feelings and tangled emotions which were stacked in my mind. I love summer because it has heavy rain.
  4. Min Hyuk: Summer, football, watermelon.
    From before, I loved sports. If I had time, I used to run around with friends. I made up football team and played at the local contest. Sometimes, I played football being exposed to rain, getting wet. It’s an unforgettable memory of summer. And after the game, we opened the windows of dorm, being exposed to the cool night breeze, we ate watermelon. It was the happiest memory of summer.

One response to “Pati-Pati Magazine – September Edition

  1. shiddough August 16, 2010 at 7:58 pm


    different kind of sweat…same chemical element HAHAHA

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