2010.08.18 Twitter Updates

Two tweets were sent today by the roommate bros MinHyuk and JungShin.

안녕하세요 민혁입니다 드디어 내일싱가포르로 출발~~!!처음가는싱가포르는어떨지너무기대되요 뭘꼭먹고 즐기고와야할지알려주세요!!ㅋㅋ
Hi, this is MinHyuk. Finally we’re going to Singapore tomorrow~~!! This is our first time going to Singapore and we’re excited on what’s it gonna be like. Please let me know what I should eat and let’s have a meet!! Kekek (translation by blue_jus7@twitter)

정신입니다!싱가폴가기 하루전입니다 두근두근ㅋㅋ잘다녀올게요!그동안더위조심하세요!!
It’s Jungshin here! A day before going to Singapore. thump! thump! excited kekek we’ll go and come back safely!! In the mean time, please be careful with the heat!! (translation by blue_jus7@twitter)

*revised based on omonOona@twitter translation

source: http://twitter.com/CNBLUE_4


One response to “2010.08.18 Twitter Updates

  1. Lina August 18, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    OMG!!! They’ll be in S’pore tomorrow?!?! So near yet so far…gah! Stay safe guys! I think the heat will be pretty similar with Seoul now anyway.

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