2nd Japanese single: I don’t know why

Yay, the info is out already.

CNBLUE 2nd single
「I don’t know why」
2010.09.16 Release
¥1,050(in tax)

<track list>
1. I don’t know why
2. Lie
3. I don’t know why (Instrumental)
4. Lie (Instrumental)

Pre order: HMV Japan | Shinseido

so there’s a change right. There are 2 songs + 2 instrumentals in the end.

thanks klaritia for the tips


2 responses to “2nd Japanese single: I don’t know why

  1. klaritia August 18, 2010 at 9:09 am

    I presume one is written by Yonghwa and one by Jonghyun.
    I don’t mind there are just 2 songs instead of 3 as announced before. Quality is more important than quantity.
    Dunno if you’ve thought of this. I want Warner Music Taiwan to release all their Japan albums too! This means we’re gonna spend a fortune on them but I want collectibles like DVD, posters, bookmarks, calendars…

  2. omonOona August 18, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    2 Japan’s singles = 1 Korean’s mini album
    2 mini album,2 singles,2 full album in less than a year,,(exclude diff country vers.)
    plus!!HK mag,Jap mag,Malay mag,merchandise and photobooks etc,,
    sigh,,noona need make money more!! >o<”
    *extra25hoursworkstime/day* ToT

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