2010.09.04 Oricon Blog Update

Yeah, finally their Japan oricon blog is being updated. And MinHyuk bias is happy once again, it’s full of MinHyuk pictures. They were taken in Hong Kong during their Listen to the CNBLUE Asia Tour. They also mention the upcoming concert on Sept 16th.

Everyone in Japan!!!
How are you? It’s been a while~~~
I’m really sorry that I couldn’t come and update CNBLUE daily blog often.
We are currently having an Asia tour.
Until now we have visited Singapore and Hongkong.
Soon, we are going to Japan!!
Let’s meet in the 16th of September!!!

Translation credit:
Jpn-Kor: YH DC Gal
Kor-Eng: blue_jus7

source: http://blog.oricon.co.jp/cnblue


One response to “2010.09.04 Oricon Blog Update

  1. omonOona September 4, 2010 at 12:04 am

    yuhuuu,,yupz, am so happy *hulahuladances* XD

    better to see him updated blog than updating twitter *soundslikejealous*
    kekekek XD

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