Yong Hwa in Awards Shows

I actually want to reply a comment about this but it’s gonna be too long. And it’s clearer if I make a new entry about it. Since last year YongHwa has attended numerous award shows. So let’s sequence them one by one, shall we?

P.S. I hope you can see that he keeps improving. Yong Hwa fighting!

1. Golden Disk Awards – December 10th, 2009

Partner: Kim So Eun

I remember he looked so awkward on his first red carpet! He kept bowing and bowing to people to the extent some fans complained they couldn’t get proper picture of him. Everything became blur because he kept moving. LMAO.

2. Melon Music Awards – December 16th, 2009

Partner: Lee In Hye

He looks sooo fine here. And that sexy noona too, I mean.. look at those cleavage LOL.

3. SBS Gayo Daejun (as MC) – December 29th, 2009

Partners: Kim Hee Chul & Park Shin Hye

This was his nightmare and I’m glad he doesn’t become traumatic because of this. Please remember he practically didn’t have much time to practice for this. He even flew back and forth Japan a day before for CNBLUE live performance there.

credit: minminalwayz1@youtube

4. SBS Entertainment Awards – December 30th, 2009

Partner: Park Shin Hye

Actually this was okay until there’s technical problem about the nomination video. Being newbie in MCing, both didn’t know what to say to fill the empty spot but luckily main MCs that night guided them.

credit: pinkdoughnutbox@youtube

5. SBS Drama Awards – December 31st, 2009

This was the only awards show he didn’t have to do MCing and presenting awards but instead came as a person who received it. I love his winning speech.^^

credit: azleeyana@youtube

6. 46th Baeksang Awards – March 26th, 2010

Partner: Hong Soo Ah.

Please refer to this post: 2010.03.26 The 46th Baeksang Awards Red Carpet

and this 2010.03.26 YongHwa @ Baeksang Awards

7. 37th Korea Broadcasting Awards – September 3rd, 2010.

Partner: IU

Please refer to this post: 2010.09.03 37th Korea Broadcasting Awards


5 responses to “Yong Hwa in Awards Shows

  1. decoderblue September 4, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Look at him in the Golden Disk Awards. He certainly got chubbier hehe.

  2. anna September 4, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Oooohhh thank you for this.
    OK I can see why it’d be a trouble for him MC-ing with that noona… XD I bet he’s telling himself not to look down all the time. oh this is so funny.
    He looked so good with Kim So Eun and Park Shin Hye on the 4th video.

  3. anne0129 September 4, 2010 at 9:57 am

    LOL for the comment on Golden Disk of fans complaining that they can’t get proper pix of him due to his bowing. HAHAHAHA!!!! He was just being polite. Hahahaha!!! I can just imagine the fans trying to snap a picture of him but only getting blurred pix or if not just an empty space. hahaha!!! He definitely improved so much now. Plus he gets better looking as the months go by.

  4. klaritia September 5, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Thank you so much for this post. One may think he’s a luck guy to get so many hard-to-get opportunities right after his drama debut. But I think he earned those with his charisma and talent. Think he’s too busy doing all sorts of things those few weeks that he didn’t have the time to prepare for things. So glad that he didn’t develop ‘post-trauma syndrome’ after the Gayo Daejun failure. And he’s working so hard to clear his name. He’s just hardworking, ambitious and talented (quoting chiara). I’m so proud of him and I really love seeing him getting better and better in all areas these days.

  5. klaritia September 5, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Sorry for spamming. About his being ‘too polite’. I’ve heard all sorts of gossips about Yonghwa being a rich kid. But he just doesn’t live to the image of a ‘spoiled rich kid’ that I have in mind. Besides reading fan accounts of his being very polite and friendly in all sorts of situations, I notice that in various TV shows, photo shoot videos, entertainment news video, he always bows and bows to sunbaes, crew workers and all. Maybe just some biased view from a biased fan. Anyway, the fact that he always tries to look after his little brothers in the band impressed me a lot too.

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