2010.09.16 Listen to the CNBLUE in Osaka


Download: 100916 Lie

I don’t know why

Download: 100916 I dunno y

Wanna be like you

Download: 100916 Wanna be like you

Sweet Holiday and Eclipse

Download: 100916 Sweet Holiday and 100916 Eclipse

credit: 내가니를이해할게 @ jyh dc gallery

Translation/Summary of various fan accounts by saturn.@soompi

Yong Hwa’s condition was the best. He said he wanted to revenge a former insult (His voice condition was not good at June).  Yong Hwa explained about his new song. He said recently he fell for synthesizer. So he put the whole mind to the synthesizer opening. Then he imitated the opening synthesizer melody with his mouth. Once Yong Hwa said, “I am a genius, I am Tsukumo!” (Kimura Takuya’s role in Japan drama ‘Mister brain’. They all watched this series.)

Min Hyuk said new album hit Oricon daily chart number 8. (‘One time’ hit #11, at that time he said he wanted to enter top 10.) Then he talked about the jacket picture, they took off clothes for the first time. Yong Hwa said “Ah ashamed!” then all covered their shoulder with both arms. (so cute)

The gap between Min Hyuk’s smiling face and serious face playing drum, was too big. And they seemed really nervous when they played new songs.

Jung Shin: “Jong Hyun hyung becomes too excited whenever he comes to Osaka. I’m bothered.” (Jong Hyun had lived there when he was a kid)
Jong Hyun: “I will kill you. I’m happy I can eat Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki I’ve eaten when I was a kid.”
Min Hyuk: “You just eat delicious food that you ate, but why you can’t remember Japanese language? I am sorry, it’s half joke, half serious”
Jong Hyun: “I will kill you.”

Jong Hyun talked about his song ‘Lie’, “I made it as strong and manly mood. How was it to you? My songs I made, they are all good,” he praised himself.

During encore, there was a surprise birthday party for Jung Shin. It’s his 19th birthday. Now he is adult in Korea. But it’s not in Japan? Yong Hwa said Jung Shin is still far from 20 years old, he is minor. Jung Shin said Min Hyuk is same. So Yong Hwa and audience shouted together “Minor! Minor!” (?)

Min Hyuk’s touching speech: “Exactly one year ago, we had our first one man live. I still remember, we all were extremely nervous. After we finished, we thought “We did it!”. It’s so clear like yesterday. We will never forget that memory. We will study hard, we will be progressing band. Please be with us from now on.” Min Hyuk spoke in in fluent Japanese. His speech moved the audience very deeply.


10 responses to “2010.09.16 Listen to the CNBLUE in Osaka

  1. Sei September 17, 2010 at 9:14 am

    wooow “Lie” on Live sounds amazing!!!!
    proud of my boys
    thanks for the fan accounts

  2. omonOona September 17, 2010 at 9:26 am

    am about to cry w/o any reason,sob sob.. TnT

  3. DJHinata September 17, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    OMG i love that song !! LIE sounds amazing!!! ♥ thanks

  4. plexus September 17, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    LIE truly amazing live ❤
    jonghyun forget one line in his own song
    but he cover up well
    still loving my king of forgetting lyric ❤

  5. shiddough September 17, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    yesss!!! my dream fulfilled! i was rili hoping they perform either lie/idky but i was hoping lie, since it’s a jap song.


  6. shiddough September 17, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    oh, and wanna be like u is great too. esp the parts where the fans sang. ❤

    korean/japanese boices are indeed the best. can't be compared with other fans. really. from the fancams from the other asian countries they went to…Kor/Jap seems to be the most dedicated ones.

    well, this is just my 2cents. 🙂

    maybe its cuz when everytime YH asks the fans to sing along, and when in other countries, it's so soft and muffled. in kor/japan… it's amazing.

  7. shiddough September 19, 2010 at 5:25 pm


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