2010.09.20 NHK FM Radio

credit: LyKaWaBOICE @ youtube

Translation by saturn.@soompi

Q: What is the difference between when you were here for the training and this time?
Yong Hwa: We used to pass NHK building to go to Yoyogi park for a street live. Now we are interviewing with NHK, isn’t it a big difference?

Q: What did you learn in Japan while you performed at street and live houses?
Yong Hwa: So many things, I don’t know what to say first. We learned not only a performing skill, but also a strong heart which make us face the audience. We used to perform with other bands, those experiences are precious to us.

Q: What is your determination from now on?
Min Hyuk : Soon our another live performance begins. Our goal is to be a band who compete with live performance. After these performances of ‘I don’t know why’ album, we want to meet you subsequently with new better albums at live stage.

Q: Please say greetings to fans in the whole country.
Jong Hyun : (In Japanese) Please be sure to listen to our second single ‘I don’t know why’. See you at live house!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
source: http://twitter.com/ttuttiwoo


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