2010.09.20 Listen to the CNBLUE in Shibuya Tokyo

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Review of Sep.20 Tokyo Shibuya concert (from: http://twitter.com/TOWER_KPop )
Translated by saturn@soompi

Regarding CNBLUE’s Shibuya concert. Last time (bad condition) Yong Hwa couldn’t show his power 100%, he declared today, “Today is revenge!” and showed ‘power of voice’ which suits for his declaration. He is such a unique vocalist. Awsome vocalist.

For other K-pop singers, usually Korean album is better than Japanese album. But CNBLUE, personally I prefer songs in Japan album to Korean album. Today, the sequence from “Teardrop in the rain.” to “Eclipse” were so touching.

Of course Yong Hwa’s voice is great, but when Jong Hyun sings freely and softly, I feel awsome whenever I hear. When two voices symphonize, I thought having two persons in a band is a miracle.

Drummer Min Hyuk hits drum rhythmically, but it sounds strong and dynamic. Jung Shin spices up the song with his tight rap. And Jung Shin is like a fashion model, long and thin arms and legs, small face, looks good.

Fancam of Wanna Be Like You

credit: minhyuuuuk@youtube

More pictures

source: http://natalie.mu/music/news/37987


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