Hanako no. 981

source: http://blog.oricon.co.jp/kawa-lily2/archive/746/0
Thanks klaritia for the tips

Translation by Dita (blue_jus7@twitter)

Members’ comment

Lee Jonghyun
“I don’t have time to do sports these days. Even so, I was a former Gold Medalist”
Jonghyun was a Judo player during middle school.
“I like Japanese drama, sometimes i get inspiration to make a song from the drama’s atmosphere. I really like Takura Kimuya”
Food, “Gyudon, Bulgogi, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, i like them all”
Ideal type, “communicates and understand each other well and who can make me smile. I’ll be satisfied with that”

Minhyuk who always carry his precious camera.
“This is a present from a fan. I take it everywhere with me and take pictures”
He said, recently, all four members and the manager moved to a bigger place.
“Minhyuk is always the one who cleans” the members said all together at once, it was as if, whether the room clean or not depends on him.
The type he likes, “A person who is comfortable like a friend, like Jeon Ji Hyeon.”

“Jungshin is really tall, though it’s great, he’s actually weaker than he looks. I wish he exercise more often” said Jonghyun.
“Ok i get it… Besides height, there is nothing special about me,” Jungshin said.
“But Jonghyun till now still hasn’t fixed his saturi, so i wish he tries harder,” (JS)
“.. ok i will” (Jonghyun)
Ideal type: white skin, a girl who looks good with a baseball cap. Hair? Long or short doesn’t really matter.

“Even when I’m on the move, if I think of a melody, I record it straight away. I also do composing in the room. and I enjoy doing it” said Yonghwa who loves to work.
He would like to come and play freely in Tokyo, “I want to shop in TOPSHOP”.
Ideal girl type: feminine and cute, have a good personality, doesn’t like to lie. A girl who only loves her boyfriend. (not sure how to phrase this one, so that’s a direct trans. i think he meant, won’t love another man except her bf)


Yonghwa who is in charge of vocal and guitar received great interest even in Japan through his role as Shinwoo in the Korean drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. Rather than an actor, he’s actually a member of the popular band CNBLUE.

The magazine photoshoot was at the same day as SBS Inkgayo live show where Yonghwa was active as an MC. When he came after the broadcast finish, the joy that the show gave still remains with him. “This is just the beginning, I will try to work harder to be better” he said with a smile. We let him knew that the staff came for a visit, “Really? Where were you? from there? That means it was very far from where i am!” he said suddenly looking like a normal boy, his surprised and embarrassed looked was very cute.

Advancing to be a top star, CNBLUE.
Becoming the model for the Korean cosmetic brand [Holika Holika], the shop in Myeongdong is filled with signboard and posters of the 4 man. “But we don’t really notice it. Actually, we don’t really do long walk in the streets these days…(laughing)” said Jonghyun, who played guitar and also vocal. He used to have a long hair but after cutting his hair short, he looked more friendly and gentle. Answering the questions he explained, “These days we don’t have to prepare for live shows”

After the success of their first live concert, the four man currently in the peak of their Asia tour. In Aug, Hongkong, Singapore, in Sept, Thailang, Taiwan, Japan and next month China.
“Did many Japanese come to support you?”
“A lot of people came..” from here on, Jonghyun started speaking in Japanese.

CNBLUE, before debut in Korea active in Japan as in Indie band group. While living in Tokyo by themselves, they needed to bring their own heavy equipment around doing more than 100 live performances. Jonghyun’s own composed song ‘Arigatou’ (Thank you) was written in Japanese, and the song they performed in Japan, Now or Never and Teardrops in the Rain also appeared in their Korean album in Korean.

Talking about CNBLUE, of course their best selling hit in Korea this year ‘I’m a Loner’. The two vocalist strong gaze onto the camera while singing and through the impressive melody expressing the grief of losing a loved one.

Rare to see a guitar band in Korea.
They bring a unique sound just like in the 60’s, this young man anxiousness and romanticism can be felt.

Such strong gaze into the camera, strategy to bewitched the girls?
“That’s what a band is! In the broadcast, the camera followed us, it’s a bit nerve-wrecking, the only thing to do is to look straight into the camera” said Yonghwa. Furthermore, the tall slim members grace the stage with their well-fitted suit.

Do CNBLUE do sports?
“No. We don’t have time to exercise now. Our muscles are hiding now” (JH)
“Rock bands have always been skinny. So we’re heading that way. A muscly man playing in a band don’t really look good” (YH)
“Yeah. Just a well toned body. I like that” (JH)

The youngest in the group, Minhyuk and Jungshin are the same age. The two in charge of cleanliness in the apartment where the all 4 of them lives. Out of the four, they said Minhyuk is the best in cleaning.
“Me and him are roommate, i like that we’re together. I hope we will be always in the same room together in the future (laugh)” (JS)
“Haha. Jungshin listens well to my story as a friend and he also gave me advice on my problems” (MH)
The drummer and bassist who is in charge of CNBLUE rhythm part, even though they’re the cute little brother but they’re also the one who holds up the group.

Meanwhile, the senior team…
“I hope Jonghyun do more cleaning” (YH)
“Ei.. Yonghwa hyung, you’re not in a place to say that~” (JH)
“Aa~~ My face packs. You use it as you please! Those are expensive!!”(YH)
“Hahahahaha” (JH)
The conversation continue like this…

A cool image on stage and in the MV but at the same time an honest and straight forward attitude, the best 4 people. From here then on, please give much support to this promising artists.


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  1. seizaria October 7, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    whoaaa they’re really cutey :3
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  2. ge2ge October 8, 2010 at 4:59 am

    they are so handsome 🙂
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