Exclusive Interview with CNBLUE

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CNBLUE Exclusive Interview: Our goal is keep singing until we get old

[Sohu Korean Entertainment News] Korea’s new hot boy band CNBLUE held their first mini-live and fan meeting in Shanghai on Oct 2. We had an exclusive interview with them on the same day. They didn’t just greet us in Chinese, but also exposed each others’ little secrets. They revealed their wish to get close to fans in China.

Sohu: If you’re asked to introduce yourself in only one sentence, what would you say? Please introduce yourself to Chinese netizens! (Not like: I’m XXX of CNBLUE, but say something that’s really representative about you.)
Kang Min Hyuk: Hi, everybody! I’m Kang Min Hyuk. My pronunciation isn’t that good. (In Mandarin) > Hi, Sohu Korean Entertainment. I have wanted to come to China. I’ve come because of the fan meeting. I’m so happy.
Lee Jong Hyun: Hi, I’m Lee Jong Hyun. I’m the guitarist of the band. In Korea, I always use twitter. I’ll work harder composing even better songs in the future.
Jung Yong Hwa: Hi, I’m Jung Yong Hwa. I’m Jung Yong Hwa who’s like the sun. I’m warm and beautiful like the sun. We’ll continue to work very hard. We’re so happy to have come to Shanghai to meet with fans, and to be interviewed. And we’ll work very hard to make this fan meeting a great one.
Lee Jung Shin: Hi, I’m Lee Jung Shin. I’m so happy to be here in Shanghai. I’m so grateful to the fans who welcomed us in the airport. To us, to be able to let people in Shanghai to get to know our music is such a happy thing. Please support us a lot. Thank you.

Sohu: You’re Korean group but you debuted in Japan. We’re so curious. What’s the reason behind?
CNBLUE: Actually we didn’t debut in Japan; we were studying in Japan.

Sohu: Then what made you decide to debut officially after half a year?
CNBLUE: We didn’t have a plan for that. It’s just that at that time, we thought we’ve learned quite a lot and have the confidence. Then we contact (related people in) Korea and just debuted.

Sohu: We heard people say you guys are ‘Beatles of Korea’?
CNBLUE: We’ve heard of that too but we just can’t be compared to them who are so good. Maybe it’s because we wear suits like them. Anyway, hearing people say something like that made us think we gotta work even harder.

Sohu: What is music to you?
CNBLUE: Music is like another language to us. With music and songs, we express things that we want to say.

Sohu: In the Korean music scene, there’s keen competition among new comers. Do CNBLUE have a point that you want to reach? Or say a particular target?
CNBLUE: As a band, our goal is to sing and play until we get old. If our music can make everybody happy, we’ll be very happy already.

Sohu: We’re going to test your mutual understanding and bonding with a quiz. Who’s most beautiful in the band?
CNBLUE: Jung Shin
Sohu: Who likes to play cute most?
CNBLUE: Jung Shin
Sohu: Who likes pretty girls most?
CNBLUE: Lee Jong Hyun
Sohu: Who’s the laziest?
CNBLUE: Jung Yong Hwa (Jung Yong Hwa explains: I’m not lazy. It’s just that I have a schedule 3 times as tight as theirs that I’m more tired most of the time…)
Sohu: Who’s most popular among girls? Among guys?
CNBLUE: Jung Yong Hwa is most popular among girls while Lee Jung Shin is most popular among guys. Jung Shin is like a kid and very playful, so guys like him more. Though he looks like a girl but there are times when he looks very manly.

Sohu: I heard Jung Yong Hwa’s hometown is in Busan. People say Busan guys are handsome. So the saying is true.
Lee Jong Hyun: My hometown is in Busan too.
Jung Yong Hwa: In Busan, there are handsome guys everywhere. People say I’m flower boy … Thanks everybody.

Sohu: Jung Yong Hwa, you played in ‘You’re Beautiful’. Will there be a chance for another drama? Do your bandmates envy you.
Jung Yong Hwa: There’s still much to be considered about the next drama.
Others: Though we think Jung Yong Hwa was real handsome doing the TV drama and we admired him, we aren’t jealous at all. We’re learning about acting too and hope to have our own opportunity in the future.

Sohu: Lee Jong Hyun, you said you use twitters a lot communicating with fans in Korea. Do you feel like communicating with fans in China through mini-blog (weibo) too?
CNBLUE: In Korea, we all use twitter and and often post our photos. If there’s a chance, we may try doing something like that with fans in China.

Sohu: After the surprise you gave Taiwan fans in the fan meeting last time, will you have some surprise for fans here too?
CNBLUE: As a band, we’re always prepared to show fans more interesting music, great stage and live performance.

Sohu: Most people find punk music too noisy, but why do most people value your music highly?
CNBLUE: Our music is not that punk. We do music which is acceptable to the mass, so more people can appreciate our music.

Sohu: All of you have become popular in the Korean variety shows. So besides those you mentioned in the shows, what hobbies do you have or what you like to do at home?
CNBLUE: We like watching movies and dramas in our free time. We got inspiration writing music and lyrics from those. We do sports too.
Sohu: What sports?
Kang Min Hyuk: Football.
Jung Yong Hwa: Basketball.
Lee Jung Shin: Pool and skipping.
Lee Jong Hyun: Don’t like ball games, but things like running.

Sohu: There are many examples of Chinese and Korean singers collaboration. Whom do you want to do music with?
CNBLUE: Jay Chou

Sohu: Korean stars who come to China like trying Chinese food. What particular food you feel like trying or what place you fancy visiting?
Lee Jung Shin: I heard Oriental Pearl Tower is the third highest tower. I want to see it.
Jung Yong Hwa: I want to eat dim sum.
Kang Min Hyuk: I heard Yeung Chow fried rice is famous. Would like to try that. Yuyuan Garden is said to be real beautiful in the rain. I want to have a visit.



3 responses to “ Exclusive Interview with CNBLUE

  1. plexus October 12, 2010 at 11:45 am

    thanks klaritia for the translation 🙂

  2. ilovemyself October 12, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    thanks for sharing

    lol @jonghyun likes pretty girls the most.he must be super happy during their model contest perf.kkkkk^^

    • chiara October 12, 2010 at 6:54 pm

      IKR. But one thing I keep on thinking until now, did he manage to meet Son Ye Jin noona? She’s soooo pretty during PIFF. JongHyun must drool a lot, or even worse had major nosebleed kekeke.

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