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scanned and shared by Jinjuno@twitter

Translation by Jinjuno

CNBLUE : A rookie band that comes with the difference.

At the beginning, CNBLUE feels nervous obviously but when Ok! tell them to just relax, the atmosphere around us seems to change.(^^) They talk friendly to each other in Japanese with YongHwa as the leader. His playfulness can make everyone laugh. Even sometimes the translator asks them in Korean, they answer in Japanese.(LOL)

Q1: CNBLUE is a band that becomes famous in Korea and Japan quickly. How do you feel about this?
YH: At this time I see a lot of fans who come to welcome us, unlike before where we could go anywhere easily (smile). Last time we came to Thailand for the ShowKing M Bangkok (6th June), there were a few fans followed us but this time there are a lot!

Q2: How does your life change from the first time you were an indie band?
YH: There are many people know us.
JH: Well, when we’re in a foreign country, we want to go sight-seeing around the famous places. Because of many fans, we can’t do that.

Q3: What is the difference between street show and concert performance recently?
JS: The amount of fans has increased a lot and now we can prepare many things better than before.
YH: One thing has never changed is our hearts that love music.(CNBLUE smiles)
JH: As we did the street show, we can catch every audience eyes (@_@ = chiara keke), however this time there were really a lot of fans who came to see us. We’re so impressed.

Q4: Personally which one do you prefer?
(JS is going to answer but Yong~ lol)
YH: In the old days, it is good but today is also good. The feeling is different. Now I’m feeling better because a lot of fans come to see us more. (chiara: I hope I get this sentence right^^)

Q5: Besides a charm of live performance, the hands’ gesture of YongHwa is another interesting charm. Who designs that posture or thinks that you should do it during singing?
YH: It’s me (hehehe).I think it’s useful for the audience to remember our music easily. L L L
JH: YH designed it by himself at first and asked the members about any good ideas. Because of his gestures, our band is more charming.

Q6: Actually there would always be some mistakes during the show, how can you manage that situation?
JH: Even it has a mistake but if we let you know, it’s not called ‘Professional’ (JH lol)
MH: When it happened, we all acted as if nothing happened and if someone did, we would just look at each other.

Q7: Can you show the example? Who did that the most?
JH: We all are watched out not to do the mistake so we don’t know who always did.
JS: In the past, I did it the most lol.
MH: Before our debut, we performed once at FT Island concert in Korea. There were the 1st, 2nd, 3rd part to be sung, right? But when it came to the 2nd one, I ended druming.  so YH had to sing as if nothing was wrong. We all were excited. After the show, we asked the others how was our show… no one knew about that. They thought we purposely did it.
YH: For me, I forgot the lyrics. Maybe it’s the early stage then I suddenly forgot it. Recently we practice so much so it hardly happened.

Q8: What will you do when you forget the lyrics?
YH: If that happens, I’ll sing the new lyrics immediately. Sometimes I offered the microphone to the fans, asked for screaming (lol). But for the slow tempo song, it’s hard to do that.(kikiki)

Q9: Have you ever read your fans’ comments on the internet?
JS: Always!! cause we want to know their feedback.
JH: Some artists said they had never done it but I thought it’s not true.(YH said in Japanese “Just as I thought!” then LOL). Because they might want to know what people really think about them. We often check it. (I love them kikiki)

Q10: What do you mostly see in the comments?
YH: Umm…(look at members). “Handsome”(ROFL) “MinHyuk Lovely” are always there!!
MH: During this time I found about us growing up. (become a man not a boy ^^) there are a lot really!! (everyone LOL)

Q11: So what else is growing up?
MH: I’m not sure about myself too.
JH: Maybe we have never been kids. We all are men. (everyone LOL)(me…..:P)

Q12: You have many questions about the girl you like, but what about the girl you don’t like?
YH: None that I don’t like but I just don’t like a liar.
JH: I don’t like the wordless one.
JS: I don’t like the talkative one, something like that.
MH: I don’t like the type who I feel uncomfortable with when we are together.

Q13: If you have a younger sister, whom you will introduce her to?
YH: For me, I’ll introduce her to MinHyuk (YH answered in Japanese)
JH: No No No I’ll introduce her to no one. It’s better. (JS agreed)
YH: MinHyuk doesn’t seem like a romantic person but he really is. You must get closer to him. (MH said “Thank you” in Thai) (Kob-Khun-Krub)
(Yong~ I thought MinMin is really sweet person -_-“)

Q14: In Thailand,”You’re beautiful” tv series will air soon, how do you feel about YongHwa acting?
JH: He’s awesome in this series.
MH: At first his acting seems unnatural. But after he does it again and again he’s good at it. I’m so proud of him.^^

Q15: Finally, what else do you want to say?
YH: Our albums, Bluetory and Bluelove, are on sales in Thailand. You can find it right now. We hope to come to Thailand again and more often. “Kob-Khun-Krub” (Thank You). OK!


6 responses to “Ok! Magazine

  1. klaritia October 14, 2010 at 5:56 am

    Thank you so much, jinjuno, for the awesome scans and translation.
    The interview is interesting!
    Some new questions finally, kudos to the reporter (or Thai fans?)
    If only they come here or soompi to read what we say about them too…

    • Jjinjuno October 14, 2010 at 4:38 pm

      I’m really happy every time I read CNBLUE interview. It made me smile easily.^^
      It seems that all questions come from the reporter.I knew that only some Q in fan-meet event & radio interview came from fans.Coz they asked fans via facebook.

      I agreed with u about wishing they surf this precious blog & soompi sometimes(I rarely read in soompi but everytime I read,I’m so proud in Boices) Boices Sud Yod!!(like MinHyuk said in Thai language…Sud-Yod means the best!! ^^)

  2. omonOona October 14, 2010 at 6:01 am

    YH,introduce me to MH please,lol XD

    i don’t like a romantic type,but if he’s MH,i don’t mind,ahaha ^^”

    thanks for transl and sharing it with us =D

  3. anne0129 October 14, 2010 at 10:35 am

    That was cute. Another interesting interview. I just love that in all their interviews they seem to really play a lot around each other. You can just feel how close they are with each other just by reading their interviews. AWWW!!! Yong Hwa would introduce Min Hyuk to his younger sister….I see Min Hyuk as the type who would really take care of his girl….not that all of them would do that but Min Hyuk does seem to be the romantic type.

    Question though…why were they answering in Japanese when they were in Thailand? Why not answer in Korean? Just confused…Sorry!!

    Thanks for the translation.

  4. CNBLUEJulia October 17, 2010 at 6:11 am

    Thanks for translating this, Jinjuno.
    let me scrap this. Thanks.

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