Acoustic OST

They will release the CD version!

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01. Acoustic Blues
02. Out Of Ward
03. 하레 (Hare) – The Blue Sky (Major)
04. The Shadow Seesaw
05. 상상소년 (Sang sang so nyeon) – Gaia (가이아)
06. 하레 (Hare) – The Blue Sky (Minor)
07. Enzu
08. Steppy Stuppy Queen
09. 신세경 (Shin Se Kyung) – 브로콜리의 위험한 고백 (Title track)
10. My Day
11. Road Concert
12. Guitar Trip
13. Walking In Sunset
14. 종현 & 민혁 씨엔블루 (JongHyun & MinHyuk CNBLUE) – High Fly
15. A Chance Meeting
16. Return 2010
17. The Raider
18. 밀어서 잠금해제
19. 젊은날의 랩소디
20. 백진희 (Baek Jin Hee) – L.O.V.E (Ballad ver.)
21. 2AM – L.O.V.E

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One response to “Acoustic OST

  1. CD_Clover October 27, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    I aslo liked the track no.9 of Se-kyung as well. Touched and stunning!

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