CNBLUE JongHyun UFO Best Reply

Translation by A.C.Y

To. CNBLUE (민혁선영)
Your UTA (the abbreviation of UFO TOWN) is so chic. (Actually it’s not the meaning of chic in English. In Korea, these days it’s used more like as a meaning of indifferent or a bit arrogant or cold.. or ‘cool’. The latter is more like real meaning of chic in English, I guess..). Please be sweet once!
From 종현
Love you.

To. CNBLUE (이종현팬)
JongHyun~ It’s chilly in the evening. Don’t wear thin clothes again and wear warmer one.
From 종현
I say so.
Take care of yourself. (Literally.. it means ‘please don’t catch a cold’)

To. CNBLUE (이종현은진리)
Jonghyun. Please say something (literally it means one sentence) for me who is going rotten in the library, huh?
From 종현
Lee, JongHyun is the truth.

To. CNBLUE (쿠키)
Good luck to you for the performance at the big stage and in front of a lot of people. Did you get Japanese cookies and photobook?
From 종현
I did UTA since this (I’m not sure what “this” is. I guess it’s japanese cookies and photobook) reminds me. Anyway, thank you.

To. CNBLUE (종현에게눈이가)
Oppa, how are you doing these days? It’s my exam period. Please reply to me!
From 종현
Recording, practicing, working? Studying and Exercising?

P.S. The words in green are the translator’s notes.


One response to “CNBLUE JongHyun UFO Best Reply

  1. haninie November 20, 2010 at 9:44 am

    AAAAAA i wish i can chat with cnbluekidos too at ufo town..tskkk

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