CNBLUE YongHwa Best UFO Reply

Translation by A.C.Y

To. CNBLUE (정용화엄지수)
I spent the whole weekend on you.
I said I would do but I didn’t do finally (I think there are more stories about her). Hing (kind of crying sound).
From 용화
It is always pretty to be bright/cheerful, JiSoo.
Always smile. Fighting tomorrow too!

To. CNBLUE (망고스틴)
I am so happy to know many people because of YongHwa.
From 용화
I am also happy if it is because of me. Good relation and bad relation are all good. And thank you, 망고 (Mango)

To. CNBLUE (빌보드 행복햄)
A star will be shining in YongHwa’s heart.
From 용화
행복햄~ Yes, Will shine! (I think the subject is Yongwha in this message)

To. CNBLUE (유진누나)
YongHwa, I miss ShinWoo.
I saw you in Minam (= drama, you are beautiful). I want to go back. Minam filming.
From 용화
I really miss that moment too. It was really fun when I was thinking only one thing and when the time really flew fast.

To. CNBLUE (오로지용화님)
Congratulations on the first anniversary! Thank you for coming to us, thank you and thank you. I will be your fan forever.
From 용화
Forever be my fan!? Really!? Keke hihi thanks I’ll work hard, please look out for me!

The words in green are the translator’s notes.


One response to “CNBLUE YongHwa Best UFO Reply

  1. wendy November 20, 2010 at 6:49 am

    thx for your translation, I’m wait for long time this

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