You’re Beautiful Guide Book vol.2

Release date: November 25th, 2010

To buy the magazine: Amazon Japan or HMV Japan

I’ve posted volume 1 here: You’re Beautiful Guide Book

Now they release the even better volume 2 contains recent photos and interviews from Anjell members. The photoshoot was done sometime in September.

Download zip: YABGD2

I allow these scans being reposted ONLY on sites/forums purely about Jung Yong Hwa or CNBLUE.

Translation of 100 Q&A

  1. Real name: Jung Yonghwa
  2. Birthday: 1989.06.22
  3. Birth place: Busan
  4. Current height of 2010: 180cm
  5. Current shoes size of 2010: 260~265mm
  6. Body secrete only you know: Red dot on the arm.
  7. Nickname when you’re young: Yong Yong
  8. Future dream when you’re young: Art or music related
  9. Describe your personality in one word: Positive
  10. Favorite season: Spring, Winter
  11. Your idol celebrities:
    Korean: Jang Dong Geun, Won Bin.
    Japanese: Kimura Takuya.
    Korean artists: Yoon Do Hyun band.
    Foreign artists: Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz, Pharell, Kanye West… more who try various attempts.
  12. What will you do in 10 years: 10 years, music, 20 years, music too, 100 years, music too.
  13. What age do you want to get married: When I really want to
  14. How many children do you want: Two
  15. What type of father do you want to be: Father like a friend
  16. What do you stick to: A beauty from eyes.
  17. Songs you sing often at karaoke: Too many
  18. Favorite fashion brand: Lanvin, Givenchy. Japanese are Watanabe Junya and Comme des Garcons. But most important thing is whether it suits well with myself or not, than the name of the brand or the price.
  19. Favorite fashion item: Shoes, clothes with a point.
  20. What you hate most in the world: Bees, cockroaches.
  21. What you mind most now: Composing
  22. What you want to get most now: Virus Ti (musical instrument, synthesizer)
  23. Color of your mobile phone: White
  24. Ringtone: CNBLUE song
  25. Wallpaper: Original picture which there was.
  26. What you do first as soon as you wake up in the morning: A cup of coffee.
  27. What you do just before you fall asleep: Listening to music or composing.
  28. Clothes you wear when you sleep: Pajamas
  29. When you think it’s good to be a celebrity: Not that I became a celebrity but it’s good because many people listen to our music.
  30. If you can go back to the past, when do you want to go: Elementary school days, I wish I had studied music hard then.
  31. Favorite animal: Tiger
  32. Your motto of life: Power of positiveness.
  33. If you can have one week vacation, what do you want to do: I will journey by myself.
  34. Recently, what word made you most happy: Live concert ticket is sold out!
  35. What word you hear most: Hi~
  36. When was your first love: 1st year of middle school.
  37. What person was her: Who made my heart overbeat so that I couldn’t speak a word.
  38. Have you ever been dumped: Every time, because I can’t say ‘let’s part’.
  39. When you confess, letter? phone? email? in person?: Arrange a meeting by email or phone, meet in person, confess my love then give my letter.
  40. First kiss: Ah… secret!
  41. Where you want to have your wedding ceremony: No idea yet…
  42. If you win a 100,000,000 Yen lottery, what do you want to pay for: I want to make a (recording) studio.
  43. If you have a pet: A dog
  44. What name do you want to give it: Yong, brother of my current dog Jjing.
  45. Favorite movie genre: Thriller.
  46. Sports you are good at: A basketball. That’s why I fell for the Japanese drama ‘Buzzer beat’
  47. Recently what you bought in Japan: I didn’t buy anything in Japan recently.
  48. When you were anxious about most recently? : When I made a mistake during a live performance.
  49. A moment you think yourself is a genius: That’s.. never.
  50. Music you listen to when you get tired: CNBLUE ‘One time’
  51. Favorite colors: Gold, silver, black and blue.
  52. Your favorite words: You are almighty.
  53. Your ‘my boom’ recently: Band music of electro sound.
  54. Favorite food: Meat.
  55. Food you hate: Nothing.
  56. Favorite liquor: Beer.
  57. Perfume you are using now: Marc Jacobs, DSQUARED2
  58. Which do you like, a pig or a rabbit: A rabbit.
  59. Why: Because it’s cute.
  60. What the name A.N.JELL reminded you when you heard it for the first time: Feeling of white color.
  61. Person you respect: Parents.
  62. Family composition: Father, mother, brother and I.
  63. Who did you take after more, your father or your mother: I think half and half.
  64. What do your family members call you: As my name, Yonghwa.
  65. Boast of your hometown: Hot personality, loyalty.
  66. Book you’re reading now: ‘The Secret’
  67. If you quarrel, do you apologize first: Mostly I apologize first.
  68. Have you ever cried recently: Recently no.
  69. What was the reason: (no answer)
  70. What do you think you are better than other three (anjells): Playing musical instruments.
  71. If you go for a summer vacation, which you you want, mountain or sea: Sea
  72. When was the happiest moment in your life: Every time of live performance. When the first episode of YAB was aired, 2009.Oct.07.
  73. When you were touched most: At our first live concert, by the cheer of many fans.
  74. When you felt sad most: When I was diagnosed as vocal cord nodules.
  75. What was your biggest mistake in your life: There wasn’t yet.
  76. What was your first memory in your life: (no answer)
  77. Part of your body or face you like: Eyes
  78. Part of your body or face you hate: Mouth
  79. Place you want to go right now: Sea
  80. Regular habit you do everyday: Although I don’t compose, I turn on the composing software everyday.
  81. Your jinx: I go to the rest room before the live performance.
  82. Subject you were good at: English, Physical education.
  83. Subject you were poor at: Math
  84. Words written on your report card most: Talent at music or PE.
  85. Special activities in school: Department of band, discussion of current events, pool, RCY(Red Cross Youth)
  86. Age you got a driver’s license: I can’t say yet whether I have license or not.
  87. Specialty: Imitating.
  88. The biggest boast in your room: Composing equipments which is being increased little by little.
  89. Your childhood treasure: Pictures!
  90. Things you keep with you everyday: MP3 player, wallet.
  91. Songs you have fallen now: ‘Lies’ by Fenech Soler, ‘The Reeling’ by Passion Pit.
  92. Number of NGs you’ve ever made most: Too many to count.
  93. Your celebrity friends: A.N.JELL, FT Island.
  94. If you make a question for your own 100 Q&A, what question do you want to add: What do you want to be in the future?
  95. And your answer is: I want to work hard as CNBLUE, I want to act hard too.
  96. Describe Jang Geun Seok in one word: Actor of overflowing talents.
  97. Describe Park Shin Hye in one word: Emotional actress.
  98. Describe Lee Hong Ki in one word: Person of sensibility more than his age.
  99. Where are you writing this: Dorm
  100. After finishing it, what are you going to do: I listen to music and sleep.

Japanese to Korean translation from here
Korean to English by saturn.


9 responses to “You’re Beautiful Guide Book vol.2

  1. narina December 5, 2010 at 4:34 am

    i really wanna buy the guide book..coz yonghwa look so freaking handsome ^^
    thanks chiara for sharing
    so yonghwa llike tiger…n rabbit ( so cute and adorable animals…i like rabbit alot ^^ i have 2 rabbits )
    one of his fave korean actor is Wonbin ( which happens to be my fave actor n i always wish i wanna meet him so badly n dreaming of marrying him haha…^^)
    his fave japanese actor is Takuya Kimura..( i love Takuya Kimura ^^)
    i can see i have alot in common with him since i also born in june hihi ^^

  2. ge2ge December 5, 2010 at 5:57 am

    thank you so much for sharing 🙂
    YOnghwa soooo handsome XD

  3. Lyna4u December 5, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Hi Chiara, can we re-post it at cnbluestorm?
    Do you have your own copy of this? ^_^
    I want but am so broke.. argh.

    • klaritia December 5, 2010 at 2:04 pm

      Is cnbluestorm a site about CNBLUE? If yes, the answer is positive.
      Thank you chiara for scanning your copy. The scans are AWESOME. I need to keep this even though I have my own copy already.

    • chiara December 5, 2010 at 7:40 pm

      I think it’s pretty clear that you may repost those scans on the site about cnblue. and yes, I bought my own copy last week, I just had the chance to scan it this weekend.

  4. haninie December 6, 2010 at 6:37 am

    oooh chiara thanks for sharing ^^ i hope u dont mind i post it at cnbluebeat ^^

  5. KCBlue December 6, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    Should I get this book for Yong yong’s sake?? kekeke … ^^

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