SIA vol.2

Date of release: December 2nd, 2010

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Download zip: SIAvol2-cnb
scanned and shared by chiara

Q: This year, since debut, I’m a loner, LOVE were big hits, how do you feel if you look back this year?
Jungshin: We experienced so many things in short time, it was a really unforgetable one year. But I remind ‘It was just a good luck’ to myself, I try not to forget my original intention.

Q: Jonghyun and Minhyuk challenged acting in the movie ‘Acoustic’
Jonghyun: I thought both music and acting are arts, same field in some meaning, so I thought I could do well quickly. But…
Minhyuk: It was not easy once I actually tried to do it myself. We suffered. (laugh)

Q: I heard Jungshin had proposals of acting too…
Jungshin: From before, I thought I wanted to do acting if I could have chance beside music. If I have a chance, I want to challenge. I want to act a cold guy. Not long ago, I had a chace of standing on the stage as a model of Seoul fashion week. It was what I wanted to do too, I was really happy.

Q: Yonghwa, you did MC of SBS Gayodajeon last year, you regreted because you didn’t do it well. Now you are doing MC of Inkigayo.
Yonghwa: Gayodaejeon was a live broadcasting. It was too hard job for a novice like me, so I regret it. Now I am doing MC, I prepare so hard and work hard.

Q: Did you make good memory at September Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour?
Minhyuk: It was our first time of Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour, so we were really nervous. But we learned a lot from it.

Q: Your Japanese speaking is improving really fast. Especially Jonghyun, how are you studying?
Jonghyun: I watch Japanese drama and movie often, I try to understand Japanese emotion. That is because the music I am aiming is close to J-pop. Sometimes, when Jungshin is suffering from Japanese language, I volunteer his teacher. (laugh)

Q: This year (2010, Dec) You have another exclusive concert in Seoul.
Yonghwa: Yes. We are preparing hard thinking we should show you more wonderful performance than before. We are trying to make December concert and January zepp tour special stages different from what were till now.

Q: In the live, you show different charm from on TV.
Jonghyun: That would be the same to all artists. The energy of the concert hall stimulate and change people.
Once I take that energy, I don’t need to think, at least at that moment, I can do whatever I want to do.

Q: You are famous for good skill of performing as musicians. How do you practice in such busy schedule?
Jungshin: That much… That was too high praise. (laugh) Each of us practice his instrument by himself when he has no schedule. When all of us have time, we practice together.
Yonghwa: When I can’t do at the practice room, I do it at home. If I have a little time, I practice.

Q: What do you think is the ideal performance?
Yonghwa: Performance technique is important of course. But our music is not just our own, it’s to share with the audience. So at the concert, I perform the music to let all people enjoy together.
Jonghyun: In my opinion, the best concert is the most interesting concert. If we enjoy, the audience enjoy too. While doing it, an energy is generated.
Minhyuk: Every time, this stage should be the best stage ever. So that we become one with the audience and enjoy it, it must be the best performance.
Jungshin: I think so too. If we enjoy it with the audience and make it out together, that’s the ideal performance.

Q: Is there any difference between Korean audience and Japanese audience in atmosphere or point getting excited?
Jungshin: There’s no different point. In any countries, all people are cheering us so much, I really appreciate it. Definitely, thanks to your cheer, the size of concert hall is getting bigger and bigger. But the size is not OK to all. Our ability and performance should be upgraded as well. So, we are working hard to make a concert which is not shameful to you.

Q: I am sure you have enough popularity to fill the big place, but why are you sticking to the live house?
Jungshin: When we were studying in Japan, we performed at the live house a lot. So we have a kind of attachment. But someday, I want to be on the stage of Budoken and make all of you satisfied.

Q: I saw a TV program that you were composing a song while talking together. Do you compose in that way now too?
Yonghwa: I compose songs doing conversation with members. Sometimes I compose by myself. Mostly when it rains, I get an inspiration.
Minhyuk: I am not involved in actual composing currently. I am studying this and that.

Q: In Korea, American style of music is major, CNLBUE style is rare. Are you trying an effort to let your music be accepted in Korea? Do you consider it when you compose songs?
Jonghyun: We had many trial and errors. In result, we use popular words in the refrain, but the whole tone go more refined. Of course we are researching other ways too every day.

Q: I heard recently Yonghwa is interested in French or Swedish music.
Yonghwa: Recently, I am listening to not only Swedish music , but also music of various countries. By chance I watched the concerts of Passion Pit and Fenech Soler. Both were really attractive!

Q: CNBLUE is not ‘Idol’ but you are being called ‘Idol’. How do you discriminate ‘artist’ from ‘idol’?
Yonghwa: If you can express something by your song and lyric, and if you have the right to decide the sound you made, you’re an artist.
In our case, when we became trainees, actually we were not made as an artist group. But as our debut is determined, we have been going through the way of artists. Because we four are always trying to express our thinking of CNBLUE through our music, we can grow to artists than idol.

Q: What do you think about the direction of CNBLUE music?
Jonghyun: We think we are progressing and changing. We will challenge and study various things. We will work hard to let you listen to good music. Live performance is already a big part of us. We want to be a band who can hear “I want to see your concert!” The biggest hope is that people consider CNBLUE as musically ‘reliable band’.

Q: Next year is the second year of your debut. What’s your resolution?
Minhyuk: The important thing is ‘Don’t lose the original intention’. Fill the lacking thing one by one. We will work hard with indomitable will to fly higher!

Japanese to Korean translation from here
Korean to English by saturn.


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