9th Letters from Angels

I love the babies pics. You can tell by looking at this blog banner. This definitely went into the same folder as this post: Baby and I, which was only Jonghyun’s. This time it consists of all our boys, mostly are MinHyuk’s I must say.

This event is a campaign to adopt abandoned babies. What our boys wrote about this photoshoot has been translated to English by klaritia here: From angels to angels. I do hope the message is delivered more effectively using the popular public figures like this. Maybe there are some extra effects for fangirls though. I bet I can hear ovaries exploded everywhere from here LOL. Soooo… what was the first thought crossing your mind as you look at the pics? Mine:

MinHyuk: He’s such a cute loving brother
JungShin: omo.. pretty omma!
YongHwa: a-good-daddy-to-be material
JongHyun: can you be the dad of my baby? LOL, kidding. I’m sure he’ll be a loving care daddy in the future.

Many thanks to cryn4@twitter for the great snapshots above. For the scans, you can visit parishin blog here: http://paris0915.egloos.com/3779990


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