[Fancams] 120115 Play! FT Island in Singapore (MinHwan)

Yes, I’m MinHwan biased since I first know FT Island. I’m sorry if the fancam is not in the best condition provided I’m very far from the stage (the back seat of C4 which was the very back section lol) and the security staff was nasty.

Some highlights from the concert:

  • The boys were very high, especially Hong Ki. He jumped here and there. JongHun was crazily awesome playing the guitar.
  • HongJae is real. Hong said he loves Jaejin. He doesn’t know why but he just does, lol.
  • Their English is quite okay. I think the weakest one is my Minari. I hardly understand what he’s trying to say at the end.
  • Seunghyun loves to bully Hongki and vise versa. One time Hongki wanted to speak Korean but Seunghyun scolded him to speak English haha. Another time when SH wasn’t ready yet to perform, Hong called him Stupid.
  • The video screened during the break was funny, especially the cutest drummer on earth part. my Minari was born to be a man, lol. Too bad he doesn’t show the hardwork-earned-six-packs abs. When he said let’s go to bed like a man and appeared wearing that pikachu pajamas, I really want to pinch his cheeks lol.

I managed to fancam 2 full songs only: I Want (MinHwan & HongKi focus) and Flower Rock (MinHwan focus). The latter one was very hard to do since HongKi asked the seated fans to sit and then jump in the middle of the song, so you can imagine I did that while fancaming lolol.

Download: Mediafire Folder
password: minari

You may reupload them to any streaming sites you  like, I don’t care, but please do not modify the logo. Thanks.


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