From Bangkok with Bluestorm

Many thanks to wonderful and beautiful Thai Boices that I met during the short stay in Bangkok, especially to Jin and the gang.^^

This is my second Bluestorm, the third concert of CNBLUE that I went to. First overseas concert of CNBLUE for me as the two previous concerts that I went to were held in Seoul. This got me excited because I want to experience how they interact with the overseas fans with language/culture barrier and stuff.

Lucikly, I flew there before the press conference which was held outdoor for public on Friday. I went to the venue around noon, marked the territory at JongHyun’s side (left side) and waited. There were a lot of fans waiting despite the hot temperature in the burning day, literally. The boys’ flight arrived around 3:30 PM at Suvarnabhumi, however around 6 PM they finally appeared at the press conference venue. The fans started screaming the boys names and I started taking pictures and videos. I really didn’t pay attention to what the MCs were talking about as I don’t understand Thai and I just started my Korean class two weeks ago lol. It’s so ashamed that in the short time, such question which is unrelated to CNBLUE was asked, you know which. Beside the terrible lights, I think it’s the only factor that made the presscon less fun for me.

My opinion was spoken. It’s time to enjoy the pics and video I took. I’m sorry if the video was shaking. Added I was waiting for 6 hrs, I brought a heavy camera, and there were little kids at right and in front of me, my hands were not stable. Maybe seeing the handsome faces of them, especially Jonghyun bb contributes too to the shaky video hahaha.

The pics, 106 of them with 800×1280 resolution, mostly are Jonghyun’s >.<

Download zip: Mediafire
Password: heavenway
Please do not edit/modify


Another hot burning day and instead wiping it off, the Bluestorm made the day even hotter! The concert started exactly at 6 PM after the Thailand national anthem was played. Just like in Bluestorm Seoul, it’s started with the loud intro, the curtain fell and the boys immediately performed Intuition. After just one song, Yonghwa and Jungshin took off their jackets. Was it hot already? hahaha. I was waiting for Jonghyun’s turn to take off his jacket (yeah, I’m a B noona after all) and he did after the next song, Ready N Go. But I didn’t see it!! I blame Yonghwa for this. Yeah, he got me. I was staring at the screen where Yonghwa drank the bottle water in sexy way. He was so charming that night so once in while I diverted my binoculars from Jonghyun to him.

Talk part from the boys was after they performed voice and Love Girl. The spoke a lot of Thai words that night, and according to the Thai Boices, their pronounciation is okay. I understand that Jonghyun is the weakest in speaking English. Adding with my horrible listening skill, I didn’t get what he said during introduction lmao.
YH: “Finally we are here in Bangkok. Jungshin please say hello.”
Each member said Sawasdee krub.
JS: This is our first full concert, we are excited. Are you excited, too?
MH: (sorry I couldn’t hear what he said, the fans around me were all Minhyuk/Jonghyun fans so they’re screaming in max volume when those two members saying/singing anything TT_TT)
JH: *mumbling* (babyyyy, I dun understand any single thing you said)
YH: When I say “Hello Bangkok”, you say “Hello CNBLUE”

Yonghwa repeated it for three times and we diligently followed. After that Rain of Blessing came to the scene. Yay, I love this song! Then they performed Y, Why and Love Rides the Rain. Unlike in Bluestorm Seoul, we didn’t have the full orchestra playing at the back. But it’s fine, I guess. I love Y,Why no matter what version is. The stage became dark then the lights was pointed to one spot, it was JongHyun’s turn to sing I will.. forget you. I thought since it’s overseas concert he will sing the English version, Teardrops in the Rain. Because I’m biased and I think he can express himself more singing in Korean, I don’t mind at all.^^

After that MinHyuk introduced the two additional players, keyboardist and pianist at the right and left of the stage. It wasn’t very clear so YongHwa helped him. Then YongHwa got this idea to make the wave just like in the Yokohama 392 concert. He explained to the audience at 2nd floor (mostly with body language hahaha). The audience grabbed the instruction fast and made perfect wave. It was cute when at the end of 2nd floor Yonghwa looked a bit panic and reminded the 1st floor audience to continue the wave. He shouted: Ready?! Ready?!

Yonghwa was satisfied with the result. Introducing the next song he said: “next song is..” Jonghyun replied him: Rock song! There we had the performance of Just Please, Let’s Go Crazy, One time. During one of those songs, Yonghwa became two timer <_<. He went to JungShin, performed his drunken dance near him. Then he went to JongHyun, doing the same thing =__=. Yah, Yonghwa, go to MinHyuk! Yongmin is the hottest couple of the year. JongHwa was sooo last year.

Afterwards came Now or Never and Geuriyo aka Kimio. And here we are with the best part of the concert. Yonghwa said they’ll perform Get Away and asked if we know that song. Of course I do! That’s my favorite CNBLUE song right now. So I screamed yes many times, it’s kinda weird though that the fans around me didn’t answer yes. It could mean two things: 1. they don’t understand what Yonghwa asked or 2. they don’t like/know the song Get Away. Anyway, I’m happy they perform this song. When Jonghyun said he wrote it with the thought of stage rocking performance, he’s right! That song sounds better in live than the CD one. I recorded the screen near me with my iphone, sorry for the quality >.<

The rock sequence was not finished yet. They performed Where You Are too. Woah woah lots of new songs from their Japanese singles, I’m soooo happy. In this concert, Yonghwa likes to say the word Beautiful and Wonderful. They’re perfect words to describe Thai Boices. I agree because I think the same way too. Thai Boices are very helpful during my trip to Bluestorm Bangkok. TT_TT

Another talk part came along.
YH: “I’m hot. Jungshin, are you hot?”
JS: “I’m hot”
YH: “Jonghyun, are you hot?”
JH: “Very hot” (yes babyyyy, you’re berry hot hahaha)
YH: “Minhyuk, are you hot?”
MH: (with perfect pronunciation) “I’m very hot.”
YH: “I think we’ll leave just one song. Final. This song is..”
Audience: “Nooooooooooo..!”
Hahahahaha Yonghwa’s failed acting. He wanted to fake the crying but he ended up smiling.
YH: “I promise Bangkok is in my head.”

The powerful performance of In My Head. They bid goodbye and went backstage, waiting to be called for encore lol. And it was only around 5 minutes. They came back to the stage after the endless screaming CNBLUE. The audience also prepared the project for encore organized by Thai Boices. It was called Da Juk Ja project, everyone has this piece of white paper with Da Juk Ja (Let’s all die) words and held it up in the beginning of encore. Yonghwa was surprised to see the white papers.
YH: “Lights to the audience, please. Waaaah.. Da Juk Ja! Alright, encore let’s go.”

They performed their popular title tracks from their Korean mini albums: I’m a Loner and LOVE.
YH: “Do you know Heartstrings?”
Audience: “Yeah!!”
Yonghwa gave the preview by strumming his guitar.
YH: “Do you know Heartstrings?”
Audience: “Yeah!!”
YH: “Let’s go.”

Hahahaha the craziest You’ve Fallen For Me. Yonghwa was so cute trying to express the lyrics. Jungshin is getting better and better singing this song. I love how they made two extensions for Bangkok one, Seoul one only had one. It was so fun to jump and sing to this song with boys again and again. Audience must help singing it of course, especially the “see my eyes” part, it has high notes, suitable for girls voice hehehe. It’s funny at the end, another guitar intro was played again, nooooo Jonghyun, please don’t!. This noona was already tired jumping and singing.

YH: “This is really really the last song. Today I’m very very happy. Because of Bangkok. Last song is to you, Love Light.”

The rock version of Love Light became the real ending. Towards the end they’re still energetic. I was expecting, you know, to cool off my self lol. Though I was quite disappointed that MinHyuk didn’t perform Star, I’m happy with their choice of tracks list. In short sentence, I love this concert! They’re playful. I could see that JongHyun was not in best condition but he did his best! Awesomeeeee.

To whoever read this FA and hadn’t gone to any CNBLUE’s live concert, please do if you have the opportunity. It’s what they do the best.


11 responses to “From Bangkok with Bluestorm

  1. ice March 4, 2012 at 3:12 am

    fanacc full fill Impressive
    the best CNBLUE ><
    ta Juk Ja (Let’s all die)

  2. CNBLUE_Jungyonghwa March 4, 2012 at 5:18 am

    I really like your opinion. Hopefully not only you or me but also the other Boices all over the world always are side by side w/ Boys and support them anytime and anywhere.

  3. almarie March 4, 2012 at 5:54 am…sO nice…

    ..i lOve CN BLUE…^¿^

    ..fRom pHilippines..

  4. zeniifleur March 4, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Ouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I LOVE your post : the way you describe things, the way you share your impressions. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures & the video !
    Could I ask you a question ? I have the Blue Storm dvd, I saw the fancams in Bangkok and I have the feeling that the concert was better (the general atmosphere) in Thailand; is it true or is it “just a feeling” ♫ ? *lol*
    Sorry for my bad english !!
    Thanks again 🙂
    Greetings from Reunion island. 🙂

  5. Bunnyjs March 4, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    T_T .. thanks a million for the presscon pics.. i wasnt able to attend … till now i m still so sad about it…
    you were saying that dimples’ english is bad… how about not understanding what bunny is trying to say T-T … only when i re-listen to the audio then i got wat he meant >.<||| … i heard he said he said "excite" … without the past tense… lol…
    You are able to recollect so much details and noticed much trivial things which i will not know if not for your fanaccount… you are so good in describing them … (the reason why i would rather avoid writing fanaccount cos of my bad expression) … thanks so much… my focus was of cos on bunny and occassionally dimples solo…. bunny was so gorgeous …. i fell in love all over again …
    I felt like crying when they were singing Why,Y … even without the orchestra … idk why i felt that i will miss them … for a long time …
    I so love "Get away" … after the concert , the song was always in my head … lol …it's officially the 3rd song i love of his work after LIE and illusion …
    I wish we can attend a concert together … not just meeting out of convenience… lol…

  6. kacchanvoice March 7, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    I already watched their concert…and wanna again and again…

    the problem is “‘ not so much boice can have the opportunity” and really hard to get that opportinity

  7. 'na March 9, 2012 at 6:48 am

    I’m suffering now. I envy all boice who ever attend their live concert. TT__TT
    Yes, Chiara, I have to make sure my self to attend their concert if there is opportunity.

    Talking about your post. I LOVE IT.
    I always love to read all boice’ post whenever they come to CNBlue’s concert. Yours is one of the must-read posts. I can feel how hot the concert was because of the way your express it. >,<

  8. RhythmsL March 10, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    First I wanna thank you too for being beside me for more than 6 hours in the most burning day!…I donno how we could do that >..< hope you got more good experience than …that you know
    Your fan account in concert can remind me clearly again in that day..I told my friend,the camera girl,to visit your blog. She said she feel as if she was there!! and she will try to join CNBLUE concert someday ^__^b…yeah ~ that's so proud of the fan like you! kkkk
    Same me…I like this BSBKK concert than in BS in Kr one. It's so energic. One reason is I can understand what they had said lol ~ .. but that's not the point. I like the way CNBLUE tried to communicate with the audience, by music and cute CNBLUEglish lol… All can touch how sincerely CNBLUE want everyone to enjoy their music with the entired body XD ..the media also praised them in the news!! I love to hear that…so proud of CNBLUE!!
    Wish we can meet again in near future LIVE!! …let's fighting~ Jin ^^

    • chiara March 11, 2012 at 2:09 pm

      My boss always says nothing is difficult if we stick together. Thanks for being there together with me too, enjoying the you-know-what view in front of us *wink*.

      Glad your friend likes this post. Try to remember every tidbits, but it’s difficult to really explain the atmosphere at that moment.

      Hahahaha, so far I have two memorable moments with you. There will be prolly the 3rd one, we’ll never know until then.

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