Yoon Bin oppa tweet

Kkk he’s my favorite character in the drama My Husband Got a Family. One-hit-wonder idol who has so much pride but then learn to face/admit his lacking.  He loves to tweet the pics of MHGaF filming. Here’s one. I love Sekwang so I need to post this hahaha.

장군&일숙&윤빈&세광 http://twitpic.com/a2zkz7 http://twitpic.com/a2zl3y

source: @kimkasu

Jang Goon & Il Sook & Yoon Bin & Se Kwang

P.S. He used the character name in the drama. Jang Goon is the son of Yoonhee’s uncle in law (Yoonhee is Sekwang’s noona). Sekwang is currently his tutor. Il Suk is Yoonhee’s sister in law. Yoon Bin is the love interest of Il Suk, who’s also the tenant of rooftop room.


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