120707 AGD E13 Colin’s Dooley and My Love

I’ve been waiting for this! Yay, Colin, my Colin, performed two short songs in episode 13. I have to make TS cut of that of course!

Dooley, it’s a theme song for animation series. Colin and his child-like smile when performing this song is ♥

Download: Dooley TS
If you need the MP3: Dooley MP3

And My Love. I know the OST Part 5 is everywhere right now but I love this version more because it only deals with Colin voice and his guitar. Wish when they release the OST CD, they’ll also include this version >.<

Download: My Love TS
Again, if you need the MP3: AGD13MyLove

Pink Colin is so cute, right?

And… speaking about the OST, I’m glad that it’s doing well. On real time charts at some points it rank no.1 (Bugs, Daum, Soribada, Cyworld), I’m so proud. I have to put the screencaps here^^

credit: 지나가다♥


One response to “120707 AGD E13 Colin’s Dooley and My Love

  1. kacchanvoice July 9, 2012 at 6:15 am

    http://www..치아라 언니 정말 고마워요 …
    i just got last week TS cut this week…
    became HD fans since 2010 … coz you always posted HD that time ….kkkk

    his acting is so awkward, but when he acted with his guitar..became more natural….kkkk

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