120709 TGI Friday update

TGIF real new model CNBLUE!
Just as expected, right?^^
But what do CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk hide?
Now Kang Min Hyuk is the hot Cha Se Kwang of KBS ‘My Husband Got a Family’!
… “Se Kwang ssi ~ What is that?” Somehow I think it’s TGIF new menu …
What kind of menu? Steak? Rib? What is it really?
Minhyuk’s happy face… do you know what the reason is?
What is TGIF new menu then? >;.<;
Everyone ~ Please take a guess!
Tada~! TGIF new menu of July that was covered by Minhyuk’s hand! It’s ‘Love on Fire Steak’.
300g Australian thick and juicy sirloin can be enjoyed directly from hot plate, Love on Fire Steak!
Kya >;.<; Delicious right? Which flavor makes you happy? Everyone, starting today you can enjoy it at T.G.I.FRiDAY'S restaurant!
SET order will get gifts, first come first served!!
For more delicious and fun way to enjoy ‘Love on Fire Steak’ please click ▶ http://2url.kr/cPx
Source: TGIF Facebook page
Translated by chiara
TGIF website also updated the promotional posters of Love Fire on Steak and Summer Cocktail

source: tgif.co.kr


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