CNBLUE 3rd single ‘Come On’ Release Autograph Session Gathered 5,000 people

Major debut single “In My Head” was released in Japan in October 19, 2011 and sold more than 100,000 copies; earlier this year on February 2nd, the 2nd single “Where You Are” was released; On August 1st the 3rd single “Come On” is released; finally on August 29th the first album will be released; In October, twin guitar and vocal 4-piece-band CNBLUE from South Korea has determined to do the Arena Tour. They carried the autograph session on the release day of 3rd single on August 1st in Lazona Kawasaki.

The day of release, despite held in the weekdays and hot day, 5,000 fans gathered at the Lazona venue. CNBLUE thanked fans for being together with them in such hot day. “Please take care, drink water because it’s hot! Today is the release date of our 3rd single Come on. Please listen a lot to the “Come On”single,” greeted them.

In the autograph session held after that, they gave sign to 200 people chosen by lottery. The members had written a sign, look at the eyes of each fan while saying thank you. The fans were touched and pleased to meet them directly.

After the autograph session was finished, “Although today Jonghyun and Minhyuk could not come because of drama shooting, it’s really fun! Thank you. And I think you know, our 1st Japan Major Album will be released on August 29th. The title is ‘CODE NAME BLUE’. Please look forward to it!” They talk about album release and the fans cheered.

On August 29, 1st major album CODE NAME BLUE will be released; from October 2nd to October 21st,  9 arena concert tour of six locations will be held, starting with performances in Nagoya. Keep an eye for CNBLUE!

translated by chiara

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