120806 MK Star Today Twitter Interview

Tweets and photos from @mkstartoday
the newest tweets are presented first, translated by me

지금까지 기타치는 콜린 종현이었습니다.^^ 질문이 정말 많이 왔는데 다 대답해드리지 못해서 죄송하네요 ㅜ 담에 또 뵙기를^^

This has been guitarist Collin Jonghyun.^^ There were really a lot of questions, I’m sorry I could not answer all ㅜI hope to see you again^^

<포토> 이종현 “질문이 이렇게나 많아요?” http://star.mk.co.kr  http://twitpic.com/ag1pto 

<Photo> Lee Jonghyun “The questions are so many like this?”

<포토> 이종현 “해외 팬분들이 이렇게 많네요!!!” http://star.mk.co.kr  http://twitpic.com/ag1phy 

<Photo> Lee Jong Hyun “ The overseas fans are so many!!!”

<포토> 이종현씨, 답변 고민 중인가요? http://star.mk.co.kr  http://twitpic.com/ag1p2l 

<Photo> Lee Jonghyun ssi, are you worried about the answer?

직접 자판을 치면서 답을 하느라 좀 느려지고 있습니다. 질문에 한꺼번에 많이 올라오다 보니 컴 속도도 느려지고요. 자, 직접 질문을 하나 하나 보면서 답을 하는 울 종현오빠~ http://twitpic.com/ag1oxu 

Busy typing on keyboard, the answer is a bit late. Computer speed is slow for that many questions. Now,  take a look at Jonghyun oppa answering the questions.

<포토> 이종현씨, 팬들 향해 웃어주세요! http://star.mk.co.kr  http://twitpic.com/ag1owm 

<Photo> Lee Jonghyun ssi, please smile to the fans!

씨엔블루 매력남 이종현 트위터 인터뷰 중입니다. http://star.mk.co.kr/ 

Twitter interview with CNBLUE’s handsome Lee Jonghyun.

<포토> 이종현씨 트위터 인터뷰는 여기서 진행되네요! http://star.mk.co.kr  http://twitpic.com/ag1n81   

<Photo> Lee Jonghyun ssi is doing twitter interview here!

Twitter Chat between Jonghyun and the fans
translated by @saturnkr based on the text provided by CNBLUE DC Gallery

Fan: Will you keep acting from now on?
JH: I will work hard till all of you like my acting^^

Fan: I’m from Turkey, what’s your most favorite song from this album? and why?
JH: I like Come on. It’s a feeling of challenging.

Fan: Jonghyun-a no Colin-a, was that tear real or fake? Was it difficult? What did you think to tear?
JH: It was real. I thought of my father.

Fan: What do you do when you can’t resist falling asleep? What’s you secret method of avoiding sleep?
JH: I just resist by mental power.

Fan: Jonghyun ssi, I have a thing to ask you. I’m studying Korean. Please praise me.
JH: Please love Korea a lot.

Fan: Your skin is very white. Do you take care of it specially? Or was your skin born not to be tanned? Or you never stepped out???
JH: Naturally my skin is not tanned.

Fan: Lee Jonghyun, Are you close to Kim Woobin?!
JH: I am being close with him^^

Fan: You started late, so you will keep doing it for long time?
JH: I will do it for my whole life.

Fan: Oppa, now I’m calling you oppa oppa, I feel like vomiting;;;
JH: Are you sure I’m your oppa?….^^

Fan: There are really many fans in Turkey, do you have plan to come to Turkey in recent future?
JH: I will visit you as soon as possible.

Fan: If you had previous life, what would it be? A general? A king? A woman?
JH: I heard my previous life was a general^^

Fan: What is fan to Jonghyun oppa?
JH: Friends.

Fan: How big is Lee Jonghyun’s human connection?? Why all the people who met Lee Jonghyun became friends? What is your attraction?
JH: Frankness?

Fan: Why do you never sweat?
JH: I’m blessed^^

Fan: Jonghyun oppa!! What did you do when you felt difficult while filming AGD?
JH: I never felt difficult, because everyone was so nice to me.

Fan: Where do you get inspiration when you make music?
JH: I work while watching movie or drama^^ I made many songs while working on this drama.

Fan: Please visit this facebook. My friend and I made it. We are waiting for your visit to Singapore. There are BOICE in Singapore.
JH: I will visit Singapore soon.

Fan: Who helped you most when you practice the script? Dojin’s role was Lee Jungshin?
JH: Minhyuk did.

Fan: Hi Jonghyun oppa, I am Sanga living in California. After AGD, when will you challenge acting again?
JH: I will do often.

Fan: What is BOICE to Lee Jonghyun?
JH: My voice.

Fan: Fans have treated lunch to drama staffs. Did it really help you to get energy?
JH: It was really helpful. And I was happy as well!

Fan: How many times per week do you practice together?
JH: Everyday, whenever we have time^^

Fan: I miss you so much. I am Turkish fan. Jonghyun ssi, how many guitars do you have?
JH: I have ten. I want to visit there too.

Fan: I am Turkish fan. When you prepared this album, what made you feel happy most?
JH: I feel happy whenever I see sweat of our members.

Fan: What is guitar to Lee Jonghyun?
JH: Toy^^


8 responses to “120806 MK Star Today Twitter Interview

  1. lovelynwong August 6, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Pertanyaan gw ga dijawab hikssss #apusairmatapakeunderwear lol

    • chiara August 6, 2012 at 1:00 pm

      Kkkk gue lg ada kerjaan, online aja kagak. Lu nanya pake bhs apaan? Jonghyun mah cuman bisa baca Korea dan Jepang. Dia sebel ama bhs Inggris wkwk

      • lovelynwong August 6, 2012 at 1:11 pm

        Ya engrissss dunk,,, kyaaaa hyunnie gituuuuu, pilih kasihhh lol pdhl gw udah ngerahin pasukan minsuners buat ikut mention hyunnie loh #gubrakkkk
        Gw ada nanya what’s kind of girl that u like? Do u like hk girl lollll #hyunnielangsunglariterbirit2

      • chiara August 6, 2012 at 4:18 pm

        Pertanyaan Lu standar bgt sih. Yg itu mah udah sering ditanya in di wwcr. Nanya yg laen kek, kyk dr 8 mantan pacar mana yg plg berkesan, ukuran cangcut nya apa, dll,

  2. lovelynwong August 6, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Gw kan bukan cm nanya itu =.=,, itu mah hanya tuk penanasan lol,, hyunnie payah ahhhhh!! Yg dijwb kok kebykan pertanyaan dr fans turky ><

  3. lovelynwong August 7, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Fans: Jonghyun-a no Colin-a, was that tear real or fake? Was it difficult? What did you think to tear? JH: It was real. I thought of my father.

    Jawaban itu (nunjuk ke atas), apa telah terjd sesuatu ama abojinya hyunnie???

    • chiara August 7, 2012 at 6:03 pm

      ga ada apa-apa sih perasaan. mungkin krn jauh aja di Busan sana dan si Collin jarang pulang. trus bokapnya itu keknya org yg baik/modern gitu, ngebolehin si Jonghyun melakukan apa aja.

      • lovelynwong August 7, 2012 at 6:44 pm

        Hooh nih keluarganya hyunnie cap jempol lol gw salut ama ortunya yg pengertian banget ama anaknya

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