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NII Winter Catalog Stills & Wallpapers



Download all in zip: NIIWallie&Stills
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Xperia X10 Mini – Site Goodies

Well, lots of updates ne, while I was gone. T,T

Love the site designs and the goodies. I think the sabre light duel is the most favorite one from UCC.

Wallpapers & Print


Download all goodies in one zip: X10MiniGoodies

Sony Ericsson Xperia Site Goodies

Finally SE updated its Xperia site. Kinda weird to have slogan “Monster but Beauty”. Our boys are indeed beautiful but they’re not monster XD. The site contains posters, wallpapers and screensavers.




credit: SE Xperia
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There are two screensavers made by a DC fan, one is CNBLUE and another one is Jung Yong Hwa. It’s a simple screensaver where you have changing pictures with background music. Both are using the same songs from Bluelove mini album.

Download: CNBLUE (43 MB) | YongHwa (44 MB)

credit: screensaver @

MNet CNBLUE Screensaver version 2.0

Sorry I cannot make the screencap of this screensaver. Basically it’s almost the same with version 1.0 where you have MNet chart and clock at the right side and then the rotating of pictures. The only difference is that the pictures have been replaced with the Bluelove ones.

Download: Screensaver 2.0

credit: MNet

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