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[Scans] Come on single booklet (Lawson edition)

This Lawson version has calendar bonus.

Download zip: Mediafire
scanned by chiara

[Scans] Allure Magazine

Credit: 컨~ @ CNBLUE DC Gallery

MTV Unplugged

I love this. The boys should do this kind of performance a lot.


  1. Let’s go crazy
  2. Now or never
  3. Mr. KIA (Know It All)
  4. Try again, Smile again
  5. Rain of blessing
  6. Teardrops in the rain
  7. Y, Why…
  8. In my head
  9. I don’t know why
  10. kimio
  11. The Way part1 ~one time~

My favorite performances are In My Head, Rain of blessing, and Y,Why. Not gonna put the performance video here, you can easily find them on youtube. Just wanna post The Making video.

Download: Mediafire

[Scans] Live Magazine vol.6

First of all, I’m sorry that I can’t scan all pages. Too time consuming for me scanning and editing them. Since I’m burning bias, I decide to scan all backstage pages and Jonghyun-related performance stage pages. Don’t worry, you see lots of other members pics too. Please enjoy.^^

Download zip: Mediafire
scanned by chiara
please do not edit/modify

[Scans] CNBLUE and FTISLAND in mini magazine Feb & March edition

FTISLAND appeared in February 2012 edition while CNBLUE in March 2012 edition. Looking at these scans, you can see how both bands have different vibes. I love these two bands, and I’m very uncomfortable to see the fans of both fight to each other. To me, they’re both better in each different way so I won’t make any unnecessary comparison.^^ Btw, Minari is so cute, I wanna have a son like him >.<

scanned by chiara

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