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You’re Beautiful OST (Japanese version)

I received this CD weeks ago but I was not in the mood to scan it. Because I don’t get the bonus card. T_T. Luckily klari has one and scanned it for me, thanks dear. \(^_^)/. The only difference from the Korean version is the bonus track of I promise in Japanese (singer: Lee Hong Ki feat. rap by Jung Yong Hwa). Here is the preview of Yong Hwa’s rap in English.

The lyrics of YongHwa’s rap.

Listen my love my dear
I promise you indeed
My power pleasure pain from you I know you special chip
with you I’m masterpiece without emergency
Sit back relax come with me more better place will be with me

I promise you just do it girl
When I sleep I can always feel I’m lovin’ you
boom boom Can you feel my heartbeat do you know you make me high
One step two steps three and four
I’ll be your man and I wanna say
I’ll love you forever and I promise you
I’ll take your love my dear

The booklet scans

Download scans zip: YABJap-Booklet

MBC FM4U Taeyeon Chinchin Radio

I can’t put a date on the title because apparently these audio parts were broadcast daily started from Feb 1st. Only Yong Hwa voice, acted as Shinwoo and Taeyeon as Minam? I’m not sure since I don’t understand it, LOL.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The pictures

credit: + imbc

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