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120821 SBS Strong Heart

Although they didn’t have many scenes together, CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun gave a special gift to SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity co-star, Kim Jung Nam.

To air on August 21, SBS’ Strong Heart featured Kim Jung Nan in its ‘Successful Drama Special.’

As the show continued, Lee Jong Hyun made a surprise appearance to cheer Kim Jung Nan on during the filming.

Lee Jong Hyun came with his guitar and gifted the actress with a special song, making the hearts of all the ladies in the studio.

Kim Jung Nan, touched by Lee Jong Hyun’s appearnce, admitted that she fell in love with him when she saw him play the guitar and singing during the filming of A Gentleman’s Dignity.

“During the wrap-up party,” said Kim Jung Nan. “I made sure he only sat next to me.”

Lee Jong Hyun also said, “At first it was hard for me to get close to her because of her drama character, but then I found that she was a very warm person.”

A few minutes after she received a heartfelt and beautiful serenade from CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, Kim Jung Nan of SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity bashfully confessed that she loves SHINee’s Onew and Big Bang’s G-Dragon.
Appearing on the August 22 broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Kim Jung Nan was met by Lee Jong Hyun as a surprise guest. Kim Jung Nan had endless compliments for Lee Jong Hyun, and as a reply, he serenaded her with Juniel’s Illa Illa.

However, soon after, Kim Jung Nan revealed that her favorite idols are actually Onew and G-Dragon. “My cat’s name is even SHINee.”

Kim Jung Nan then went on to share that she told Lee Jong Hyun that she liked Onew.

“Jong Hyun then asked me if I wanted to talk to him and Jong Hyun called Onew up!” said Kim Jung Nan. “But unfortunately, he didn’t pick up.”

CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun’s above average beauty has caused confusion in the past and now he’s making sure to clear the air.

Lee Jong Hyun arrived on the set of SBS’ Strong Heart as a surprise for Kim Jung Nan, who acted in SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity with him.

There, another celebrity commented that Lee Jong Hyun looked like he popped right out of a comic book, while Shin Dong Yeop added that Lee Jong Hyun looks sort of mixed.

On that comment, Lee Jong Hyun said, “I heard that a lot growing up. So I thought maybe I was of mixed race and went to ask my parents.”

His parents’ response?

“They said I was 100 percent Korean. Made in Korea.”

video credit: 지나가다♥
article credit: enewsworld
picture credit: Osen & TVDaily

120812 AGD Collin Illa Illa & NG cut

Download: Illa-Illa

Download: NG

120801 ETN Entertainment Station – AOA Showcase

Comment by Juniel, Minhyuk, and Jonghyun

Download TS: Mediafire
Youtube credit: TheHeohojung
TS file credit: CEO

120727 The Making of AGD

Dojin appa, Collin, and Donghyub buddy

Download: Mediafire

120707 AGD E13 Colin’s Dooley and My Love

I’ve been waiting for this! Yay, Colin, my Colin, performed two short songs in episode 13. I have to make TS cut of that of course!

Dooley, it’s a theme song for animation series. Colin and his child-like smile when performing this song is ♥

Download: Dooley TS
If you need the MP3: Dooley MP3

And My Love. I know the OST Part 5 is everywhere right now but I love this version more because it only deals with Colin voice and his guitar. Wish when they release the OST CD, they’ll also include this version >.<

Download: My Love TS
Again, if you need the MP3: AGD13MyLove

Pink Colin is so cute, right?

And… speaking about the OST, I’m glad that it’s doing well. On real time charts at some points it rank no.1 (Bugs, Daum, Soribada, Cyworld), I’m so proud. I have to put the screencaps here^^

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