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2010.09.11 Mini Live and Fanmeeting

Some fancams

credit: koimic @ youtube

credit: senzitivegalz @ youtube

credit: KhamooloveYoo @ youtube

Fan accounts by xsaesaikiex@soompi

Alright, the concert started with an hour of delay but I’m glad I could see the stage properly from my seat. I was sitting at the left side because I’m Jungshin bias xD They came up the stage with Intro which was amazing to hear it live and then they went on with Lets Go Crazy with Yonghwa asking us to ‘Stand Up!’. Everyone was singing along very loudly, same with Love Revolution that gained so much scream when Jungshin rapped. After that, they briefly introduced the line-up of songs. I kinda messed up remembering the order of the songs. If I remembered correctly, they played Love Light next and Thai Boices had planned to wave pink glow sticks especially for this song. Next is I’m A Loner, of course everyone can sing along~ and I was so high that I finally heard this song live. Then they said the last song is Love and Yonghwa pumped up the crowds by asking for ‘Love Love Love’ scream from fans~ After Love, they went backstage and came up again.

They then continued with I’m A Loner Burning Version, I almost thought that I was at some rock concert xD It sounded totally AMAZING especially at Jonghyun’s guitar solo. Then they continued with One Time which really made me high ’cause I love it. They ended the live segment with Now or Never. I could sing along in every song and it felt utterly amazing.

The next segment is the interview, some questions were selected from the fans’ entries. There was this question about how would they spend a day in Thailand if they were not CNBLUE and free to go anywhere. Jungshin replied by saying that he likes to see the culture of different countries so he would like to visit the temple in Thailand, the famous one like Wat Phra Khaew (He won my heart millions of times for saying this lol). Jonghyun then answered that he would like to go to the beach and get a suntan because he is very fair. The fans started to go crazy here because the MC told him that he needs to take off his clothes to do that and Jonghyun instantly stood up and pretended to take off his shirt lol Yonghwa answered that he wants to go shopping especially at the Paragon. The highlight here is Minhyuk’s answer. He said that he wants to come here with family and friends. And if he got married, he would take his wife for a honeymoon in Thailand. You couldn’t imagine how explosive the fans were LOL Minhyuk then quickly regained himself: “It’s in the future, a long future.” xD

Another question was about their career if they were not CNBLUE. All of us probably know that Jungshin would be a photographer. But Minhyuk just had to throw in a joke that Jungshin might be CNBLUE’s photographer xD
Jonghyun then answered that he would be an athlete, like a Judo player. The MC asked if he could really throw people around so Jonghyun stood up and walked straight to the MC jokingly made a gesture to flip him over.
Yonghwa’s answer is a shoe designer, of course he needed to add something in. So he said that if he really a shoe designer, he might open up a shop at Siam Paragon lol (seems like he really likes Paragon)
Minhyuk said that he might be an ordinary person like a normal college student. But then he might be CNBLUE’s fan. At this point, lots of things happened. Yonghwa joked about Minhyuk being one of the Boices here so he would need to recruit a new drummer lol Minhyuk protested by saying that the group can’t go on without him since his position is very important. And about Minhyuk being the head or the leader of Boice fanclub lol

The best question of the night is this one, directed to Yonghwa. If one of the other three members: Jungshin, Jonghyun and Minhyuk happened to be a girl in disguise. What would Yonghwa do? (All I can say is, I wanna know who submitted this question xD)

Yonghwa paused and looked at the members, he was struggling with the answer xD Then he said that he would resign from the group if that really happens lol He repeated the word ‘If’ so many times to the point that it was so cute. The fans were like ‘awwwwww why would you abandon your members’ so Yonghwa tried again with “If she was in the group because of some reasons, I would protect her by resigning so she wouldn’t have to cover up anymore”. Nice excuse. lol

The boys were so cheerful and just down right adorable. They responded to every single thing, make a face, pointing here and there. The MC is already funny but the boys were totally adorkable joking around with him. I was smiling so wide all the way because they were so enthusiastic and just kept on throwing in jokes. Seriously, if they were not CNBLUE, they might want to consider being comedians LOL especially Yonghwa. The MC praised them being a group of handsome, charismatic boys but he said that after knowing them, the most playful person ever is Yonghwa lol Then he told us not to tell Yonghwa about this LOL

Next up was the time for lucky fans. Two fans got to take a photo with them. Another two got signed CDs. And four lucky fans got to hug every members >< Oh gosh, I don’t need to explain all these do I? Haha we were all envious of course, but the boys were so cute that I watched it happily. They also gave out their own presents and sang 바보를 위한 노래 for lucky fans. T-shirt with Jungshin’s signature, Jonghyun’s bracelet, Yonghwa’s guitar pick with signature and Minhyuk’s drumstick with his signature too. I really couldn’t explain this into words but the way they interact with the fans is just fantastic. They really want to give as much as they can.

Then they took a picture with all of us fans. While everyone was raising up their hands or banners. I could just sit and smile, I just felt so content with all of this. It was like a dream.

Actually, Thai Boices has also planned something. So after this segment, the MC announced that we had a surprise for them and we started chanting ‘Jungshin, Jungshin, Jungshin’. They looked confuse at first then the VTR began playing. It is about how Jungshin being sent to earth from Andromeda (I was laughing so hard xD). Then we sang him Happy Birthday and followed with the chorus of 바보를 위한 노래 to end the surprise. We got the cake for him and all of them had to help Jungshin blowing the candles because they wouldn’t put out lol I really got teary eyes at this point. According to the MC, Jungshin too.

Okay, gosh, this is way too long now. I really had a good time and probably going to have the worst withdrawal symptoms ever loll Right now, I want to say that CNBLUE really never disappoint. They give their best in everything. They naturally interact with people and I can really sense sincerity from them.

If there is the chance to say something to them, I would say Thank you guys … you’ve just made my life really worth living for. Really.

Zip Pics of Listen to the CNBLUE in Thailand

I’m gonna stick this post. In order to make your fangirl life easier, I will provide the zip link to pics from media (particularly) and fantaken. Credit goes to all fans/photographers as labeled on the picture.

2010.09.10 Press Conference at Siam Discovery


credit: tiikta @ youtube


credit: b2v2b @ youtube


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Download 61 pics in zip: All-area Presscon
credit: all-area.net

2010.09.10 Seed 97.5 FM

Aigoo.. can’t express how envy I am towards Thai Boice. CNBLUE attend so many events in Bangkok! This one is a radio show, lasted for about 40 min or something, started at 8 PM Bangkok time. YongHwa sang Love Light while playing guitar.

credit: frankyjunior11 @ youtube
thanks Shinminmon for the tips

Official pictures from the radio facebook page

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

source: facebook

2010.09.09 Ch7 KanPak With CNBlue

Alrite, they’re invited to many shows in Thailand. And I haven’t got the chance to see this. Will be so busy until weekend. But okay, I peek a bit, and what’s with the flirting with uri JongHyun? Too handsome to resist, ne?

credit: doxyple@youtube

thanks iamkieo for the tips.^^

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