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10Asia News: CNBLUE tops weekly music charts in Taiwan

Four-member rock band CNBLUE has topped two weekly music charts in Taiwan with their mini-album “Bluetory,” according to their agency FNC Music on Tuesday.

FNC announced in a press release that the group’s Korean mini-album “Bluetory” took the No. 1 spot on Taiwan’s G-Music and Five Music weekly music chart during the week of August 6 to 12, placing ahead of Super Junior’s fourth full-length record “BONAMANA” and SS501’s first Japanese single “Kokoro.”

Super Junior’s album has ranked in second on G-Music and third on Five Music while SS501’s album is at third and fourth place on the two charts, respectively.

In addition, August 14 data from Taiwan’s music retailer books.com.tw has shown that while “BONAMANA” ranks first in online album sales, three of CNBLUE’s records rank within the top 10 — their Chinese limited edition “Bluetory” version A (which includes the CD and DVD) in second place, version B (just the album) in No. 4 and the exclusive Chinese release of “Bluelove” at No. 10.

CNBLUE (Code Name Blue) first made their debut in Japan, releasing two singles before breaking into the local music scene in January with “Bluetory.”

The band’s second mini-album “Bluelove” hit the stores on May 19, which have placed in the top three on Taiwan’s music charts in June.

The group, who is currently on their Asia Tour, recently sold out three shows in Japan and will continue onto Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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Bluetory Taiwan A version

08.16 Updated with BTS video.

While the version B has bonus calendar, version A has even more interesting stuff. They are DVD contains I’m a Loner MV and its BTS, and 4 bookmarks of CNBLUE members like these.

credit: momoi @ YHTW
shared by klaritia

I’m a bookmark collector actually so I’m really looking forward to receive my Bluetory albums. Mr. Postman.. Meneer.. waar ben je?

I’m a Loner MV BTS

Download: I’m a Loner MV BTS
credit: klaritia
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Take out with full credits please.

Bluetory Taiwan B version

How many of you actually have more than one copy of Bluetory album? #raisemyhand
Previously shared that Taiwan Warner music released two versions of Bluetory Taiwan version. The sales of this version reached no.1 spot for Jpop & Kpop chart at 5music and G-music billboard chart in Taiwan this week.  For version B, the fans will get the calendar like this.

credit: 王行 @ YHTW
shared by klaritia

…… waiting for my package to arrive.

Bluetory Taiwan version

Release date: August 10th, 2010.

There will be two versions: A and B

  • Ver A: CD+DVD 4 bookmarks and white tee/jeans poster if pre-order
  • Ver B: CD seasonal 3D calendar (5 cards) and black suits poster if pre-order

To buy these products, there will be two options for you.

  • If you understand Chinese: Ver A | Ver B
    You’ll get poster as bonus if you preorder from this site.
  • If you prefer English site (Yesasia): Ver A | Ver B
    Please note that you cannot get posters if you order from this site.

shared by klaritia

This kind of news tests my accounting ability. Of course it’s the simple one like debit and credit stuff and all I need to do is just making a T account. The problem is I cannot seem to make it balance. My poor income. T_T. Aigoo.. Warner Taiwan is such a rip off. T_T

Bluetory Scans

Finally I got my bluetory album. I was out the whole day yesterday and the postman came to deliver the package. He called my cellphone twice but I was in the classroom. T_T. Since he was too lazy to come back the next day, he left the package to my dentist neighbor. Both are nice guys, yay!!

So here are the sample of the scans. Of course the real quality won’t be like these since I scanned them with 600 dpi resolution and no watermark/label attached. The download link is under the cut. ^^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

P.S. I edited the cover above, the real version is in black or white. Like it or not?

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