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2010.03.14 Sunday Sunday Nite Eco House

All the comedians were extremely excited today because of Rainbow as the special guest. And my… those noonas really fancy YongHwa. I really love to see YongHwa’s laughing real hard. The gag must be really funny to him.

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MBC Sunday Sunday Nite Eco House

No CNBLU, only YongHwa.

Download: MF-01 | MF-02

2010.02.28 Eco House

Yong Hwa was singing with his guitar again. Likeyyyyyy…!!

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2010.02.22 Eco House Filming

As you might already know, YongHwa was involved in a minor car accident this morning on his way to Eco House filming site. He was immediately taken to the hospital for check ups. Luckily nothing big occured and he suffered neck pains only and had received acupuncture treatment. He returned to Eco House filming afterwards.

Just in case some fans are worried, cnblue fancafe fellow visited the filming site today and YongHwa look fine. However, I hope he’d get enough rest especially after that accident. Please stay healthy, leader!

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2010.02.21 MBC Sunday Sunday Nite Eco House

Yay, eventough only appearing in half of the show, all members helped (or mostly monitored) YongHwa building the eco house.

Download: MF-01 | MF-02

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