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August Endorsement

More endorsement pictures this month! Taken from System, Trugen, The Class, GeneralIdea, Puer Homme, Gallery o’clock, etc

credit as labeled
thanks to @lindy826 and @hyojuzuki

July Endorsement

As Jonghyun and Minhyuk act in the drama, numerous endorsement pics can be found. I found a lot but I wait until the end of month which is today, to post them up in one entry. Here we go. The brand that they endorse are Codes Combine, System, Adicto, Converse, Trugen, etc.

source: miscellaneous endorser websites
special thanks to @blueclover0 and @lindy826

Yong Endorsing Ingersoll Watch

Yong Endorsing Cottiny Couture

Can’t this endorser give bigger picture >.<”

source: cottinyshop.co.kr

MinHyuk Endorsing Fred Perry Shoes

source: http://fly0928.blog.me/117581574

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