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High Cut vol.22

The boys were featured in the one page of High Cut volume 22 (the scan was provided before). In addition, the highcut.co.kr released the showcase pictures. Many thanks to a DC fan who shared these pics since we need to login to access the site and non Korean fans can’t do that. But unfortunately, she only shared YongHwa related pics and deleted her entry afterwards. It won’t hurt to spread these pics further, rite? ^^ Now all members pics have been shared.

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High Cut vol.22 & Metroseoul Jan 28th

One page of the boys. I’m sure they will have more pages in the future. *crossing our fingers*

Dunno, I don’t like the title though: Beautiful Band Ever C.N. Blue. I’d rather have other names over Beautiful, like talented, fresh, etc.

cre: ★용화짱★ @ jungyonghwa.net + klaritia (thanks, dear)

High Cut vol.19 – An ebook version

I’m so thankful to a fan who could grab this version and is very kind to share it with us.

credit: monmonkey@yonghwastar

High Cut vol.19

Q: Jung Yong Hwa is handsome?
A: NO! There are so many handsome men these days. I prefer ‘I am attractive’ like ‘Bol Mae Jung’ to good looking. Attractiveness is something you never get sick of, so you can keep it.
Q: Do you feel your popularity?
A: I still feel amazing when I see my story or pictures at portal sites. Those nicknames are too, such as towel guy, Bolmaejung. I can feel it when I see JYH gallery of DCinside or other fan sites.
Q: Do you visit fan sites?
A: I log in with my friend’s ID and look around whenever I have time. I am surprised that they know about me more than myself. They found out my interview of VJ commando years ago. AH! There is a rumour that I am a mania of Vivian Westwood accessories so that I spend all my allowance buying them, then I mooch off of friends. That is totally not true. This is unfair.
Q: Ideal type of woman?
A: I like mild woman (In Korea, ‘Cham’ means woman who is nice enough to be a good wife and good mother.) Is my ideal type too matured compared to my age? (laugh). Woman who takes care of me well, who is wise but not reticent. Too difficult? I hope who looks like Lee Yeon Hee and has nice personality. But an ideal type is just ideal.
Q: If you see your ideal type of woman during your concert?
A: First I finish my concert. Then I will find her. Even though I find her, I cannot confess. Because fans’ love is more precious to me. (laugh) But it must remind me again when I close my eyes to sleep.
Q:  What did you do after you finished ‘You are beautiful’?
A: I took a rest only for 2 hours. (laugh) As soon as the closing party of YAB team was over, I went to Japan for the live performance of C.N. BLUE 2nd album release. I spent time with members in a long time, it was a sweet rest to me.
Q: Do you often contact YAB team?
A: I want to, but I don’t have cell phone. I call them with my manager’s cell phone in spare moments. Hong Ki was close from before since we are in same company.
Q: What of you is similar to Bolmajung Kang Shin Woo?
A: There was nothing at first. Jung Yong Hwa was famous for an inattentive and mischievous boy. But after I’ve lived in Kang Shin Woo’s character during the drama, I became to resemble him. My personality became calm. I’ve heard a lot that I became matured. But still far beyond Shin Woo.
Q: If you take another character in YAB?
A: I want to do Kang Shin Woo’s character again. I could have done it better, I regret. If I do it again, I must keep my trademark ‘towel’.
Q: What is C.N. BLUE?
A: It stands for Code Name Blue, means to be the best band in Asia. We all love music, good looking, indie band. We have 4 men members. Among us, I am the shortest and worst looking (laugh). We are indie band, but we pursue crossover music with hip hop and R&B combined. By mid of January, our regular album is released in Korea, it consists of similar musics with those of Japanese albums. I hope it may get favor of Korean fans.
Q: When did you start composing?
A: From middle school I studied by myself. If I listen to those songs again now, I feel so ashamed of myself because they were so clumsy. But anyway my efforts were commendable, I am proud of myself on the one hand. I started composing formally last year.
Q: Favorite musicians?
A: I like British band ‘Placebo’ and American singer ‘Gavin DeGraw’. Especially, the voice of Gavin DeGraw has attractiveness which makes me fall into it. Personally, I like music of difficult and experimental style.
Q: How was street performances in Japan?
A: For newbies, foreign country was unfamiliar but less burdened. When I see Japanese feel and enjoy our music, even though we don’t speak common language, I could feel happy because our songs moved their mind.
Q: If you must choose one between singer and actor?
A: I cannot choose one, I want to do well both. First, I started band because I liked music, accidently I got a chance to do YAB, now I have a desire of acting. If I have a chance, I want to experience various characters from bad role to psychopath.
Q: If you have a girlfriend?
A: I want to go to ski with her. I want to play tricks on the snow, and ride snowboard together. If she can’t ride, I will teach her in all sincerity.
Q: Your favorite girl group?
A: I like f(x). Among them, Sulli is like a cute younger sister.
Q: Plan for this Christmas?
A: I will be busy for preparing concert. It’s our first album, I want to work hard so that I can present it to fans. Maybe we members can have small party at night.
Q: 2010 New year’s hope.
A: My first and second wish is the success of C.N. BLUE album. Jung Yong Hwa of YAB was good, but if I can be acknowledged as a musician Jung Yong Hwa, I must feel full.

Translation by saturn.@soompi
Scans were provided by Ssae@jungyonghwa.net

Scans of High Cut vol.16

I received my copy of High Cut today. Yes, I purposely ordered it through dvdheaven. I’m glad I did it quickly since the next day it was already sold out. I only scanned Yong Hwa related because I’m such a biased person.

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