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Holika Holika Christmas Catalog

I spent a lot to get this catalog and I’m not a cosmetic person myself. So I dunno how I would do with all those HolikaHolika stuff I bought. Probably give them away to my friends and sisters, if they want them. Honestly, the quality of this product is not so good. Holikaholika should focus on improving their product quality instead of heavily using the boys as their marketing tools.

Download zip: Holika Christmas Catalog
scanned and shared by chiara

Holika Holika File Holder

Please click on the pic for the real size picture or you can download it here: Mediafire

shared by Jinjuno

The Making of Holika Holika

I posted the BTS pictures some time ago, finally the BTS video is available.^^

Download: HolikaHolikaMaking

source: http://blog.naver.com/goodmodels?Redirect=Log&logNo=80115349297

Holika Holika BTS Pics

Seriously, that HolikaHolika site needs to do some updates. How come the BTS pics and videos are all from other sources?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
credit: 흔들리는바람 @ jungyonghwa.net

2010.07.17 KBS Ent Relay – HolikaHolika Interview [Eng sub]

I’ve posted the raw video here: 2010.07.17 KBS Entertainment Relay – Holika Holika Photoshoot

KBS World aired the Eng subtitle one last Tuesday but I just got the chance to grab the rip of it today.

Download: 0717 Ent Relay YH
credit: Devilslob @ d-addicts.com
edited by: chiara

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