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2010.12.21 It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter Episode 09

More and more screen time to uri Yeon Doo, I’m very happy.

Download: MF-01 | MF-02

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2010.12.20 SBS It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter Episode 08

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2010.12.14 SBS It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter Episode 07

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2010.12.13 SBS It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter Episode 06

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2010.12.07 SBS It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter Episode 05

LOL, that 4minute girl is so funny. She wants to choose randomly between those 4 guys and it turns out to be Yeondoo. But he said he already has girlfriend kkk, maybe what he meant he already has someone in mind (Chaewon). Sorry I haven’t memorized the character names in this drama because there are too many. T,T

Download: avi version

Sorry I couldn’t find the TS version of this episode.

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and the BTS picture from the news

credit: osen

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