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[FTI] 2010.09.26 SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate – FT Island cuts

Minari is a great drummer! Despite cute Hongrish, I love their poker face version.

Download: Sarang-01 | Sarang-02 | Sarang-03

Download: Interview-01 | Interview-02 | Interview-03 | Interview-04 | Interview-05

Download: Poker-01 | Poker-02 | Poker-03

2010.07.07 KJE Chocolate Official Pix

4 news pics were added.

credit: sbs.c0.kr
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2010.07.11 KJE Chocolate – Official Pix

credit: sbs.co.kr
thanks klaritia for the tips

2010.07.11 KJE Chocolate

07.13 Updated with full cut HD 1080i version.

Actually they performed Love + Umbrella and Because it’s you (YongHwa duet with Lyn) but they only broadcast Love + Because it’s you. Umbrella is the best part of their performance, so I’m gonna upload the fancam, taking my risk.

Love + Because it’s you

Download: MF-01 | MF-02 | MF-03
credit: 코난친구 @ jungyonghwa.net


CNBLUE TP cut (Love + Because it’s you + Interview)

Download from mediafire folder: 100711 KJE Chocolate
credit: 내맘이야 @ jungyonghwa.net

Fancam of Umbrella

Download: Umbrella fancam
credit: jyh.net

2010.07.07 KJE Chocolate Recording

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credit: 정스쳐 + J. @ jungyonghwa.net

Transcript of the interview part translated by saturn.@soompi

Yong Hwa: (to Lyn) It was my honor to perform duo with you.
Lyn: No, it was my honor.
A fan: It was our honor we could hear your singing.
Lyn: Wow she said it was her honor she could hear our singing. How sweet she is.
Yong Hwa: She is my fan! (famous line from You’re beautiful)

(Jong Hyun tried to adjust the height of chair. He pulled the bar, then the seat slipped down. He was embarrassed, made very cute face.)

Jung Eun: When do you feel you became famous?
Jung Shin: Relatives who are not that close call my mother to my home then ask about me.
Jong Hyun: When my mother comes to Seoul, she brings 100 sheets of A4 paper and let me sign on them.

Fans shouted, “Goddess Jung Shin! Goddess Jung Shin!”. Yong Hwa said, “No no, Here is a Goddess.” pointed Jung Eun.

Min Hyuk: We arranged Umbrella to rock version by ourselves. At rehearsal, we made serious mistake. 3 guitars and drum went different beat.
Yong Hwa: Listeners must think it’s very difficult song.
Min Hyuk: So we kept practicing behind the stage, and we were so nervous at filming. Luckily we didn’t make mistake at the filming.

Jung Eun asked members to show charm
Jung Shin: (to Lyn) “Where is Lyn? Here is just a doll instead of human.” (Others got goose bumps and went crazy to hear it)
Jong Hyun held Lyn’s hands then sang her song, 자기야 여보야 사랑아 (honey, darling, my love).
Min Hyuk told Jung Eun famous line of Lovers in Paris, other 3 guys sang OST of Lovers in Paris.
Jung Eun asked him to do another line. So Min Hyuk did it. “Why can’t you say I am your man!!” with 3 guys’ voice OST as well. Min Hyuk looked so strong and manly as well as Park Shin Yang. He must do acting in the future.

Yong Hwa said he wanted to do it to fan, then he pointed a fan at the audience seat. The edge had raised spot, he pulled her onto the stage holding her hand. He said he would sing his most favorite song. It was ‘Superstar. He fixed his eyes on her eyes, approached her, then hugged her. (She is a famous fan. Here is her detailed review in her blog http://blog.naver.com/sayakhyun/50088609819)
Jung Eun: (to the fan) Do you have boyfriend?
The fan shook her head then pointed Yong Hwa. (her boyfriend?)
Jung Eun : Please say words of blessing to Yong Hwa
Fan: (Two thumbs up) Yong Hwa Choi Go (the best)!! (Yong Hwa laughed out loud)

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