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2010.02.24 Making the Artist Final Episode

I’m gonna miss this program a lot. But they will have a new program called O4U next month (March 4th, 9 PM), yay!

Download: Self-cam

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2010.02.17 Making the Artist CNBLUE episode 4

Singing Y, Why… live in the studio

Download: Y, Why…
Other parts will be available later tonight, I need to meet my thesis coach.

Here you go: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

2010.02.10 Making the Artist CNBLUE episode 3

Love the feeding part, especially when MinHyuk doing the ‘Lovely’ image with strawberry. ^^
And what a funny scene during the scream filming of YongHwa part in the I’m a Loner MV.

Download (184 MB): MTA episode 3

2010.02.03 Making the Artist CNBLUE episode 2

Download: MediaFire

Hahaha, they do like to visit the fansites! These are the pics that they’re looking at. And the one that was shown is MinHyuk from the back. And he was wearing the same stuff, LOL.

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