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120809 MCountdown – AOA Introduction

Download: Mediafire

Youtube credit: TheHeohojung
Avi file credit:  CN아로하 @ CNBLUE DC Gallery
compressed by me

120607 MCountdown

Yonghwa in pink lol

Zipped: JUNIEL (28p) | YONGHWA (9p) | JUNIEL+YONGHWA (17p)

If you can download from the torrent, the torrent link for Fool performance:

credit: susiayh @ DC Gallery

[FTI] 2010.09.09 MNet M!Countdown – Love Love Love + No.1

Congrats to FTIsland. I love the encore. HongKi didn’t sing at all in the beginning and let other boys to sing. When greasy leader forgot the lyrics, baby drummer stepped in. He knows the lyrics well. And it’s so obvious how good HongKi voice is when he joined in later on.


MF-01 | MF-02 | MF-03




MF-01 | MF-02 | MF-03



many thanks to casey and laifun for the torrent link.^^

[FTI] 2010.09.02 MNet Cam – Love Love Love

Finally there’s a MinHwan version. T___T
Think I need to refill my credits at MNet, hopefully the encore performance this week will have MNet Cam too!

Download: Minari

Download: Five Treasures

Please do not take these files out of this blog. Thanks!

2010.08.12 MNet M!Countdown – MinHyuk VCR

Download: Cute Dracula

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