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2010.11.12 Cheering Message for students

Download: Mediafire

source: http://www.cyworld.com/JYoung_L

Message at Boice Japan Fanmeeting

Though I don’t understand any single word, I just love it to see Hyun speaking Japanese. He’s more talkative outside Korea, imho.

I guess it’s about their Zepp tour in Japan next year. Lucky Japan Boices.

credit: cnblue.jp + tudou
edited by chiara
thanks klaritia for the tips

Translation by ally

All: Hello, members of BOICE Japan! We are CNBLUE.
Each Member: I am Minhyuk. I am Yonghwa. I am Jonghyun. I am Jungshin.
Jungshin: We really enjoyed the event today. Our first fan club event was really great.
Yonghwa: I had a very good time, too.
Jonghyun: I was really moved today. It was all because of you, the members of the fan club.
Yonghwa: It was good.
Minhyuk: I had a really good time.
Each Member: Thank you!
Jonghyun: Please do tell everyone about Zepp tour.
Minhyuk: Yes. Zepp tour! In 2010, next year …
Jonghyun: Next year!
Minhyuk: In Osaka on January 9th, in Fukuoka on January 11th, in Nagoya on January 13, and finally in Tokyo on January 16th, we are going to have a concert. Meet us in the concert hall.
Jonghyun, Jungshin: We will be waiting for you.
Yonghwa: Meet us at the next concert.
All: That’s all. We are CNBLUE. Thank you.
Jungshin, Jonghyun: It was good!
Minhyuk: BOICE is the best!
Jonghyun: Yeah!

*Note: Zepp is the name of big cocert halls located in some big cities in Japan.

Message to COOLMUSIC Readers

Download: Coolmusicmessage

credit: coolmusicchina
Translation by klaritia@soompi

Cheering Message to One Two

A lot of groups cheered for One Two.  Fast forward the video to 0:20 to see CNBLUE.

credit: daum

CNBLUE 1st concert [Listen to the CNBLUE]

The boys gave messages about their 1st concert Listen to the CNBLUE.
JongHyun aaa… why are you so quiet? T_T

cre: FNCMUSIC1 @ youtube

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