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You’re Beautiful Guide Book vol.2

Release date: November 25th, 2010

To buy the magazine: Amazon Japan or HMV Japan

I’ve posted volume 1 here: You’re Beautiful Guide Book

Now they release the even better volume 2 contains recent photos and interviews from Anjell members. The photoshoot was done sometime in September.

Download zip: YABGD2

I allow these scans being reposted ONLY on sites/forums purely about Jung Yong Hwa or CNBLUE.

Translation of 100 Q&A

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YAB Wrap Up Party Group Photo

Let’s have flash back to one year ago!

credit: klaritia@youtube

Happy 1 Year Acting Debut, Jung Yong Hwa

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOctober 7th, 2010

YongHwa yaaaaa… you really captured my eyes in the You’re Beautiful drama. I thought you’re acting debut was quite okay for a newbie. But then as the time passed by and I get to know more tidbits about you, I have to say your acting debut is GREAT.

I do really wish you can accomplish everything you dream of in the music and acting field as you stated in the VogueGirl interview last year. And hopefully you can get the role as bad guy in the future to ace your acting. Last but not least, hope you can get the girl in your next drama. It is so heartbreaking to see you as Shinwoo hyung, seriously. T__T

– your pabo fan –

Some goodies

Download: [Eng sub] A.N.JELL Last Concert Filming BTS

Download: [Eng sub] A.N.JELL Concert Filming and Rehearsal BTS

English translation and links are provided by dear klaritia

You’re Beautiful Guide Book

To buy the magazine: 韓国ドラマ公式ガイド ブック 「美男ですね」

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Download zip: YAB Special

credit: as labeled + Anjell DC Gall

YongHwa promoting Minam Jap DVD

Download: Minam
cre: tsutaya.co.jp

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