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2010.11.26 M Wide News – CNBLUE & Coffee

I don’t see magnae here. Could it be that the sofa ghost has taken him? T,T

Download: MWide1126

credit: mamori @ jyh dc gallery

Download: HDversion

2010.10.28 M Wide News – 2010 MAMA Teaser BTS

Updated with download link of HD video.

Before watching the BTS, please make sure you already vote for CNBLUE in 2010 MAMA here:

2010 MAMA Vote

You have to login. One ID can vote once per day.

To find out the current vote result:  Current Ratings

Download: 101028MWide

credit: mnet.com
edited by chiara

2010.08.24 Twitter Talk

Think it’s the new segment of Wide News? Anyway, it’s actually about DJ Doc, but CNBLUE happened to be at the setting and appeared like a few seconds.

Download: Twitalk
credit: 오징어땅콩 @ jungyonghwa.net

2010.08.16 MNet Wide News – The Beatles Code BTS

credit: daum video

Download: MF-01 | MF-02
credit: yonghwagall

2010.07.16 MNet Wide News

Finally I found the video.

Download: MWD Behind Story
credit: Yonghwagall

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